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    We are seriously considering homeschooling. DH is still in the schooling mentality and has been asking about curriculum. I would very much like to eventually be eclectic, focusing on Charlotte Mason style, but for now, I want to reassure dh and show him affordable Catholic Curriculum.

    We currently send them to Catholic Schools, but finances are such that it would be very, very helpful to homeschool. Sorry, public is simply not an option we are willing to consider, though local schools are excellent.

    We are paying about $400 a month for our two to go to school, right now. Next year rates go up and we’ll, also, have 3. This would be a great amount of money to pay off our debts.

    So…. I’ve found Seton and Catholic Herritage Curricula (CHC). I’m very interested in Mater Amabillis, but don’t think he’d quite go for it. I know he’d be very willing to try an online (Certified/accredited) Catholic homeschool. I could easily supplement with other homeschool items I want to add. I’m, also, very interested in pricing a whole set of curriculm with books and supplies.

    Any recommendations? Others I’m not aware of? Anyone had experience with the ones I’ve mentioned? Please, please, please, answere with any and all suggestions, referrals, thoughts, reviews, experiences, etc.! I’d love to be able to do this and know I can really do it!

    Thank you, in advance!

    God Bless!



    Hi Jen!

    I used to homeschool but not anymore. It got to be too much for me with our big family. There are some ladies who do homeschool from the CMOMC community. Here is the site in case you might like to ask questions.–Homeschooling/fcatholicmomcommunityfrm121

    God bless!



    We just started this year, but my boys are young and we didn’t have to pull my oldest out of school. After having my 4 year old completely unstimulated and bored at preschool, he begged me to “do school at home”. I had never even mentioned it to him, so it’s quite ironic he thought of homeschooling as a great option! I spent all last summer researching the laws of our state, finding local support groups, co-ops, homeschooling classes (which I found a TON of in our area) and visited many message boards of current homeschooling moms. I also tried to read many different books from the library regarding hs methods. I had always thought that you just “re-enact” public school at home. NOT!

    I would totally recommend to you and especially your DH a book called the Homeschooling Book of Answers by Linda Dobson. It has all the information you need and convinced my DH that homeschooling could work well for our situation. It is written in easy Q and A form so men like it! I even bought 2 bopies of it so I could loan a copy to my friends who are considering homeschooling!

    I am not sold on any curriculum yet, but may look deeper into them once my kids are middle school age. Right now, I LOVE doing unit studies with them. I pick a subject each week, we go to the library once a week and check out books and movies on the subject, then spend that week talking and reading about the subject. I occasionally supplement with math or phonics worksheets but my son is already doing 1st grade addition and he’s reading so I don’t force that too much.
    Just to give an example, 2 weeks ago, we did an AIRPLANES unit. I like to search for books through our library’s internet catalog and have them hold them for me so I can just go pick them up but also I will browse the library once I arrive there for additional books on the subject. I found a lot of great children’s reads on the Wright Brothers, airlines, and Earhardt. I printed out a bunch of worksheets from the internet (I have about 20 sites tagged that have free printables so I use them ALOT!). I also found a site that had about 30 airplanes you could color (cute airplanes like Jay Jay the jet plane). We colored them, my DS cut them out, I laminated them (LOVE my laminator!), and we hung them from the ceiling. My son LOVED showing off his “airplane museum. ” For math, we practiced addition and subtraction with the airplanes by spreading them out on the floor and then I would take away a few or add a few and he had to figure out the calculation. Then we took a trip to the airplane museum in our town.
    I know that was a long explanation but I wanted to share that with you to make a point that creativity is a must when homeschooling. Believe me, in the beginning I tried things that just DID NOT work for our family so I changed them. Just because you have to tweak some things does not mean you are doing something wrong, it just isn’t the right fit for your family. If your kids need a ton of sit down time, then so be it. Mine are little and by doing unit studies I can include my 19 month old in the learning (he colors, listens to us read books, goes on field trips with us, etc…)
    My other recommendation is to have confidence that you are doing the right thing for your family. I always tell critics “Everybody has to do what’s right for their family…and this is what works for us”. I LOVE the scheduling flexibility and the fact that we go to the parks, swimming pools, museums, when the other kids are all at school. It’s not as crowded so it’s pleasant.
    I’m sure you’ve checked for your states laws. Again, I highly recommend the Linda Dobson book! I am a former classroom teacher and had to totally change my thinking! My son loves that we do what we want in the afternoons and there is never homework!!! I even incorporate chores and cooking into his lessons.
    I could go on and on about the benefits but I’m sure the more experienced ones on here could share a lot of great things too.
    God Bless your family!!!



    I should, also, add that I’ve been doing “supplemental schooling” since my kids could talk. Basicly, I have been researching homeschooling for years, saving tons of websites and articles. I have read many books, and know how to do most of it, already.

    So, whenever the kids are home for summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter break, we homeschool. Whenever they are home sick, for a 3 or 4 day weekend, or we are on a family trip, or any reason they miss school, we homeschool. I constantly check their papers, make them correct mistakes, study with them, go over homework, quiz them on subjects to make sure they know the material, and push self-learning with them, as well.

    Our home is loaded with whole books, parts and pieces of various homeschool programs, learning games, etc. Basicly, I homeschool, casually or unofficially, AND the attend school. DH is aware of this and very proud of what I accomplish. He is just cautious and never wants to “rock the boat”. He simply, at this point, is affraid of the paperwork and legalities. And, he can’t understand that you don’t actually “school at home”, but I can get him past that point by example, as he observes what the kids learn.

    I will need to get hold of the standardized tests, to prove to him that they are doing well, but otherwise, I know about HSLD and finding the paperwork, laws, groups, etc.

    I just need to help DHs transition by schooling at home with an official curriculm that we like and I can work with, until he gets more confident and sees that no trouble will come from this. I know our kids would excell and do much better. I homeschooled dd7 for preschool for two years and she was ahead of her K class when she finally started school. Her teachers adored her and she was a big help in class.

    I teach life skills at home, we are conservative and strict with the kids, and any school seems to make that more work, as there are always kids allowed more popular culture than we’d dream of allowing our kids. Unfortunately, we have family way into popular culture that influence our children, so I deal with it regularly, anyhow.

    ANYHOW… The book by Linda Dobson sounds wonderful, as I receive many of their publications and DH is very familiar with Focus on the Family and the Dobsons. This would impress him and he’d be interested. Any other book suggestions that aren’t conspiracy theories?! He doesn’t go for the “Dumbing us Down” books, no matter how convincing or true I feel they are, and he understands them to be, they still don’t impress him to homeschool.

    Anyhow, still looking for some good curriculum or online schooling that would ease the transition! Thanks!

    God Bless!


    Sorry I wasn’t more help with the curriculum question. My kids are younger so we’re not too concerned with that yet. I just wanted to share our version of homeschooling with everyone. Sounds like you have done tons of research and know what you want for your kids and family. That is totally AWESOME! You already know so much and are SO involved with your kids, that is GREAT! I’m sure they won’t have much trouble transitioning from regular school to hs since you work with them at home so much already.
    Just to clarify, Linda Dobson is not part of Focus on the Family (as far as I know), but they are a great resource as well! We plan on visiting their facilities this summer since we live in Colorado. It will be a nice day trip, I think.
    Hope you find the curriculum you are looking for. Can you tell me what other message boards/homeschooling boards you are a part of? I am always looking to learn more from other homeschooling families. The internet is a tremendous help.
    Good luck!!! God bless!!!



    Some schools you might look into and the …
    Catholic Hertage Curricula
    Seton Homestudy school (They hve teachers that the students check in with I think weekly via email)
    and Our Lady of Victory
    Good Luck
    I hated homeschooling when my parents first took me out of school (Grade 5, though they put me back to grade 4). I thought it was going to be the end of all my friendships and the end of my life!!!! any way I did go back to school for grades 10 and 11, but wanted to come home for grade 12. I look back and love the fact that Mom and Dad didn’t listen to me and all my fits, and push through with homeschooling. I know I will homeschool my own children right from the beggining!!!
    All the best to you.



    I like the Mother of Divine Grace School.
    This is a classical curriculum that is based on children’s natural stages of development. They offer a syllabus you can use to structure your day, but they make it flexible. You can join there group for the accredidation or you can go it alone. I think they even have standardized tests.
    St. Thomas Aquinas Academy is also a good one. When you join they give you a standardized test for the kids to take so that the personal adviser they asign you can help you pick the right books for your children. They also do record keeping, report cards and transcripts.

    I hope this helps. I am just starting the homeschooling process.

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