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    I have 2 dd’s, 14 and 12, and 3 ds’s, 8, 5 and 2. Way back when, I homeschooled my 2 dd’s, now 14 and 12. DD 14 is into her 2nd month of public high school (she attended catholic school for 4th & 5th grades, and public school since that time.) I find the high school she’s in now is academically great, but a moral septic tank. I believe homeschooling is where we are going to end up as the only good catholic schools are 1/2 hour away and I simply can’t manage that and keeping the 8 & 5 yr. olds in the elementary schools, which I’d like to do for the present time since they are great

    I used Seton for K-3rd with her, but have heard that Kolbe is great and others as well. Any comments would be welcome, as I’m trying to discern a curriculum. She’s an A/B student, needs help with math but is strong in writing. Thanks!


    I personally love Accelerated Christian Education (School of Tomorrow) because kids set their own pace for working through each subject. There are no limits on how much they can acheive and they can do each subject at a different grade level. It is a really good program in my opinion.
    Good luck with whatever you choose. I commend you on your homeschooling , we just started this year and love it!



    We have done our own thing with homeschooling over the years, but this year I needed more structure. I joined Kolbe and really love it. The classical method suits us well and, though we are weeks behind due to family issues, I am so happy with what my kids are learning. The 7th-8th literature program is wonderful!!!!
    I still feel the burden every day of educating my kids, but aside from the family trauma that has slowed us, I have loved the challenge. I am trusting Mother Theresa’s advice to work at being faithful, not successful and leaving THAT responsibility to God.

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