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    Hello to all you Moms!!!
    My name is Emma. I heard of this site from my sister in law. At least I think I did. I have discovered that there is a Catholic Mom as well as a Catholic Mom”S” website.
    I am 22 years old and I live in Saanichton BC, Canada. My husband and I were just married on Sept. 30 2006. A am a mom though I will not get to see my baby till somewhere around July 21st this year. 😛 But I have heard our little ones heart beat and that was enough to start me thing of all the things we will need for the nursery.
    I am really excited to be able to get to know other Catholic Mom’s. I grew up surrounded by them, but the more the merrier.
    God bless you and your families and if you can remember in you busy lives to ad a petition to your prayer list, please pray for me and my husband and our dear baby for a safe and blessed pragnancy and delivery. Thank you so much.
    In Christ,



    Welcome, Emma!

    You’ll love it here! Congrats on your baby! Bet you can’t wait to meet him/her!

    I love this site – very supportive Moms….all very loving toward one another. No big controversies. Maekes me really enjoy coming here (Wish I had more time to check in…but I’m the Mom of 5 kids under seven, including a two month old!) 😀

    Welcome again…hope to see you around!

    PS…Is your SIL a regular here? 😀




    I realize this is not the site my SIL was telling me about. But I am still glad I have found it. I am sure I will have tons of questions about being a good Catholic mom in the future.
    Emma 😉 [/quote]



    Welcome Emma!

    You’ll like it here, it’s really a great site.
    Congrats on your pregnancy, you must be excited and anxious!!

    I am Julia, have a 3-months old baby girl, so I’ve been preggo very recently. I chat a lot with other moms online (msn, yahoo msgrs, etc.) if you have an account, we can chat, etc. Lemme know!





    I am new too. I am a new mom (well 17months) of our dearest and first born son Robert.

    He was a miracle. Initially we were told by doctors, both of us, that we would not be able to have babies because of med issues. Well that was 7 years ago and well a lot of prayer and nothing of the world, all God, proved those doctors wrong. 😀

    He is a delight. Into everything. All boy. hehhee.

    I am so glad that I found this site. I am staying home now after working at a youth detention center here in iowa and I am not missing it one bit. God, I know will provide all that we need for this little family. Hubby works and is a little scared of only one income but as a prayer intercessor I know that miracles happen. Did I tell you about ours. Yep, I did!

    Thank you for this site,
    Diane, Larry, Robert Thacker, iowa


    Congratulations on the baby! What a wonderful surprise!
    Glad you could join us here.
    Welcome to the board!




    congrads on hearing your baby’s heartbeat. That is the coolest thing. I remember hearing our son’s for the first time. It is simply miraclous..you know,,,you simply know..a gift from God!

    Enjoy…and if you haven’t started now…start recording those sounds in all ways you can. Neat to have later. I also recommend pregnancy journal…it lists all the things happening to baby..when all things are growing and coming together..as in the bible….God is knitting. Hehehe

    diane, iowa



    Congrats on your baby, how exciting!! Isn’t God wonderful when we decide to put all our trust in Him 😀
    Welcome to the site I have found that I read a lot of the pre posted topics and find great advice, and I look forward to reading the new topics when ever they come up. Hope you enjoy the site as much as I do.
    I’ve got to run and make dinner.
    God bless you, your baby and your DH. God will provide for all that we need.

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