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    Hi everyone!

    I was a complete neat freak before I had children. I am learning to relax (good mothers have messy homes and happy kids, right?? My other favourite line someone told me – “settle down cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I’m rocking my baby ’cause babies don’t keep”).

    Am I crazy about this one thing: I cannot stand it if the bed is not made. My DH says I’m a weirdo and that NO ONE makes their bed as religiously as I do. We have hosted four international homestays and not one of those girls has ever made her bed. It drove me batty, but I let it go because DH tells me I’m a nutter about this one housekeeping item that “normal” people don’t think twice about.

    Okay, ladies, let me know, am I alone in this obsession??!!





    that’s too funny! i, too, am very obsessive about tidiness–well, i should say WAS, i have relaxed sooooooo much since jacob hit 2, over a year ago…anyway. the funny part is that making the bed has always been the one thing that i could let go without it bugging me!! (although, there’s nothing better than getting into a nicely-made bed at night!) i am surprised when guests don’t make the beds, though, i just think its good manners…anyway, i don’t know how to vote because i totally understand, but for some reason the bed doesn’t bother me as much as other things…thanks, you made me laugh at myself!



    You are too funny!!! 😀 😀 I hardly ever make our bed. I blame my mom for this because as kids we had to have our bed made before we came down to eat breakfast and leave for school. I feel like all these years later I am still rebelling against that one rule 😆 Every so often I make the bed but other than that all the beds in the house are unmade. The only real exception to the rule is when company is coming over, then all the beds get made.
    On a side note…I do always make the bed when we are guests at someones house. I don’t want everyone to know I am a “slob” and don’t make beds usually 😆



    Glad you both think it’s funny, too. It’s one of those ongoing little battles spouses have – I mean, not fights, but we bug each other. My DH says I’m brainwashed because my Dad is a retired Air Force major. My whole life my room had to be tidy. My younger sister, funnily, was always the rebel and kept her room as messy as she could get away with. I’m the neat one. To feel sane I need the beds made and the kitchen counter clean. I can deal with clutter or dust or needing to sweep (as long as it’s not too bad with the floors). But the beds?! Ack.

    Have a good night everyone!




    I’m not a stickler about made beds, but wow, what an enormous difference it makes in a room! Once I make the bed up, my room (or the kids’) looks about 80% neater!


    I am a freak about making my bed. It makes sleeping so much better when it has been made and the sheets are neat. I have been known to make my bed just to get into it (of course this was before kids!!). I also agree it makes me feel like my room is so much cleaner. I even do hospital corners which drive my dh crazy! My mom made me the clean freak that I am…LOL!!

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