Here is a miracle that happened to me at church.

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    I was in charge of Eucharistic Adoration in my parish, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Tampa, Fl. We offered Adoration after every Saturday morning Mass. I would pray all morning and one day thought I wanted to know the name of my Guardian Angel. I really needed to thank him as he had “saved” me multiple times! For 2 weeks in a row, I said my prayer.

    During one of the next Saturdays, in walked this tall, handsome, strong man with blonde wavy hair. He knelt in front of the Monstrance and with his arms as if reaching out to Heaven started saying the most wonderful prayers to Jesus in Heaven.

    The chapel was full, and quiet, watching him pray to God. I cannot even begin to tell you the beautiful things he said; I had never heard something so awesome in my life.

    At the end after Benediction, I was outside greeting everyone as I always did. He walked by and I told him that every Saturday we were there, etc. He smiled as if he knew.

    I am five feet 1 inches tall, so he had to bend down to look straight in my eyes. His eyes were the greenest I had ever seen, he took my hand and said, “My name is Edward, isn’t it nice to finally meet your Angel?” With that, he walked away, my friend Kathy said, who was that? When I turned back to look he had disappeared. Praise God in Heaven!

    John 16:24. “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.”

    Have fun, enjoy life, share, be grateful, visualize abundance and be thankful to God that He created you.





    I haven’t made but two posts on this board. But I had to comment on your post.

    Wow…I’m speechless. I couldn’t imagine how you must have felt.

    Do you think everyone else heard his prayers? I wonder if you were the only one?



    Hi DJgang,
    Yes, the whole chapel heard and saw him, they were all commenting and asking who was he and how awesome it was to have him say all those wonderful prayers to Jesus.
    Truly a miracle from Heaven above.
    Thank you again for your message. ~Lisa



    Wow!!! That is awesome! Can you recall anything about what he said specifically? Just am curious!

    Lisa 🙂



    He just said, “My name is Edward isn’t it nice to finally meet your angel?”

    Blessings from God!



    I really meant the prayers that he said. Can you recall what they were specifically? God bless!




    No, I can’t remember exactly, just that he was praising Jesus in Heaven. Blessing all of us. I wish I could remember his words, I was in shock actually while it was all happening.
    That happened to me around 1998 or so, so my memory of that has only cemented his direct words to me and he kneeling in front of Jesus with his arms outstretched to Heaven. Praising God. Miracles do happen to all of us. I now wear a rubber band on my wrist and flick it each time I receive a gift from God. Take care. ~Lisa



    That’s an awesome story and one that I’m sure has strengthened your belief and love in Jesus. Have you ever seen your angel again after that? Just reading your story sends shivers down my spine, good shivers. Have you ever told your story in Sunday school?



    I am a few years late to this thread, but if you’re still around, Lisa, have you looked up the meaning of the name Edward? The baby name site I checked said, “Wealthy Guardian.”

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