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    I am new to the forum and have never done anything like this before. My oldest is 6 yrs and last night after her bath she was talking to her 2 yr sister about tongue kissing. I was in complete shock. I am not sure where she has heard of this or even witnessed this. She is too young to be exposed to this type of kissing. I am a conservative mother and make sure that she is not exposed to such actions at such an early age. I do understand that at some point in my daughter’s life she is going to be exposed to this, however, this is the beginning of sexual ed that my belief needs to come later on in life, not when you are entering into 1st grade. My concern is that she is good friends with a little girl next door (who is 2 yrs older than my daughter), who seems to be obssessed with boys and kissing, I have heard her mention it a number of times while the girls were playing at our house. The little girl next door is a big Hannah Montana fan, she has a computer at her access at any time and I don’t believe there is much parental supervision on the computer as well. There is another girl who is 11 yrs old who my daughter will play with in a group of children, not ever just one on one, so I am not sure if this is where the topic of tongue kissing has come up here as well. I have spoken with my daughter about this and convey to her that this is not something she needs to be concerned with right now. I know I cannot shield her from everything she is exposed to, but she has shown other behaviors that take the same tone during this summer break. For instance, one day the group of children were calling boys. Again this is not something she should be doing at this age. My dilema is whether I should approach the little girls parents’ and ask them if their daughters have talked about tongue kissing, just trying to figure out where it is coming from OR do I just limit the time that she spends with the girls and only allow her to play with them at our house or outisde where I can keep a close eye on them?



    I have four children, I homeschool all of them,I am careful about what they watch etc… but they still find things to do to shock me.Sometimes it is from things I failed to censor or it is learned from older siblings or friends. There are friends that are allowed to come here and play but my children cannot go to their home. This works out well as I provide more supervision(interaction) and acess to fun activities. I don’t even think they have ever thought about the fact that my kids never go to their houses to play.
    hope this helps.



    I just joined and perhaps this reply is abit too late but it is interesting to find young children getting sexually aware at an earlier age. Older girls do have very strong influence over the younger ones . I remembered older cousins (teens) staying with me and they were always giggling about boys, discussing about their menses and shooed me out whenever I became curious. That made me even more curious. I am so glad to hear that your little girl has friends and the plus point is that you know what is happening. I think the best is bring her awareness about different types of expressions of love and certain expressions are only for adults. It’s our reacion that usually bring out sensations. Encourage her to keep coming back to you and can talk about anything under the sun. God Bless!

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