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    @westcoastmum wrote:

    Love all the support for gentle parenting!!!!

    Isn’t it wonderful?!
    @westcoastmum wrote:

    SAHM-O-MY what is your secret for labour?

    RELAX!!! Seriously! Highly recommend reading the book: Husband Coached Childbirth by Dr. Bradley. http://www.bradleybirth.com/main.aspx
    I read his book, then for our first child, we took Bradley Chiildbirth Classes, instead of Lamaze. Someday I hope to become a Bradley Childbirth Instructor… @westcoastmum wrote:

    I have very long labours. Pushing is okay and only minutes long. But it’s getting to the pushing that is the challenge….I think I fight the dilation.

    It’s highly possible that you do fight the dialation. It’s the tensing up that causes such pain and suffering for many women. Like the book explains, and I’ve always believed… giving birth is a natural function of your body, if it hurts, something is wrong! I have to work at it, but I concentrate on relaxing. I keep my mind on this single task and tend to go into a “zone”. I’m so “deep inside myself” that I don’t notice anything or anyone else in the room. I work with my body and allow the contractions to do their thing. I was even able to use the technique for my emergency C-section, while they prepped me, it was a amazing!@westcoastmum wrote:

    I’m tall, but small boned and have big babes (all about 4 kg – or 9 lbs) and loooong.

    I’m small boned, with wide hips (“birthing hips!”) and long legs (top part of me is short, bottom part of me is long… go figure) I have no waist… “Short-waisted”, so in the last month or two of pregnancy, there is no space between the baby and my breasts and I can barely sit or breathe! It’s not great, and forget wearing bras, at that point. It hurts too much! There is no place for the elastic to rest! Lucky for me, my largest baby was 7 lbs. The other two that I birthed were right around 6.75 lbs. Easy to pop out.@westcoastmum wrote:

    Docs/midwife (go with midwife now, but in-hospital birth) say baby’s head is a big askew and my relaxing is important to allow the head to drop fully.

    Yes, yes, yes! Relaxing is key!!! I basically fight the urge to push a bit too much, but it’s better than trying to push too much, then causing the birth canal to swell. Essentially, we made it to the hospital just in time with #3. I relaxed so much, I wasn’t even sure I was in labor until I felt the need to “poop”. Then we left for the hospital, and the midwife walked into the hospital room, 15 minutes she was out, and the midwife thanked me for letting her watch! I’m back with an OB, this time, but he’s a great doctor. I miss my midwife, but I’m a VBAC and over 35. 😕 Most midwives in our area won’t touch VBACs, and hosptial midwives can’t do VBACs. I had this OB for the first, did a family doctor for the 2nd, midwife for the 3rd (and favorite birth), and started with the same midwife for the 4th, but it was twins (emergancy c-section saved surviving twin at 28 wks), and had to be referred back to my OB, who is now doing this final baby. Babbling…

    @westcoastmum wrote:

    Will you share what works for you?

    There were several relaxation techniques taught in the Bradley childbirth class. I sorta’ took elements from each of them that worked for me. Basically, for me, I just concentrate so much on relaxing that the world disappears and I’m kinda’ “inside my head” just existing and only paying attention to my womb. It’s the best I can explain it. I guess my eyes glaze over a little, as my husband can recognize the look and he takes over with the staff for questions, etc. There could be a bomb strike and I’d never notice! Some women go to their “happy place” and use smells and sounds to enhance or enduce it. Some women need to do certain movements, stretches, exercises, or whatever to relax… like the birthing ball, or walking, or the rocking chair, or Tai Chi, or Yoga, or whatever…
    @westcoastmum wrote:

    Am preparing for next labour of course and hoping this is my faster one. First labour was over 24 hrs (and back labour for that little monkey), second about 12, third about 8.

    Actually, my understanding is that my labors have been long, but my hard labor has been the quick part. For my third, I was actually in labor from Friday evening until Monday morning (3 am), when I finally needed to go into the hospital. I didn’t even realize it. I knew I was having some sort of contractions, or something, but I relaxed and went about my day. I know that keeping active is always helpful (keeps the gravity working with getting baby down). So, I took deep breaths, as needed, too breaks, tried to sit between points of exursion, and stayed hydrated! Hydration is HUGE when getting near labor and in labor!!! Being thirsty or slightly dehydrated can really slow down the birth process and throw things off for a woman, then if you allow yourself to get really dehydrated, you body has a hard time working through the labor. Tissues and muscles need hydration. Athletes will notice a change in perfomance when they don’t have enough hydration. A woman in Labor relies so much on tissues and muscles at that time, she is no different than an athlete! I keep a cup of ice and a cup of water. Cut out any caffeine when you get that close, as you body uses water to combat the caffeine! You need all usable moisture! I chew ice almost constantly when en labor. It helps me concentrate, for some reason, quenches my deep down thirst, and is nice and cold!

    I find a position that is most comfortable. Actually giving birth on your back is the least comfortable and least productive position!!! Some women squat, some stand, others use different positions, I get on my hands and knees. I tilt the top of the hospital bed way up for leverage and holding on. Sometimes some nurses will prop about three or four pillows in front of me, which I’ll tend to rest my head and chest on, but I hold on to the top of the bed. I like total silence… no cheering section! I about killed a nurse once who was giving me encouraging words and coaching me! Some women love that and it works well for them. I need total silence, or at least, ignore me! I’m ignoring them. I need dh in the room, but not touching me. (poor guy). Although when I’m pushing, he does rub my back and hug me and get really involved in helping. We hold hands, and once I pop the baby out, he helps me to turn over onto my back. There is no time that I feel closer and love him more than right after I’ve given birth. It’s so amazing. At that point, no matter how hard pregnancy was on my whole body, I’m so ready to have 5 more kids! They place the newborn right on my belly, and I attempt to braest feed and the three of us are there, together, no one in the room exists but us and it is absolutely Heavenly!!! The earth stands still for a few moments…

    Then I get the chills, they put the steamed blanket on me, dh gives our baby their first bath, they put the baby in the warmer, I’m semi-conscious, as I’m so tired, and I just want to sleep and eat!!! The nurses give me juice, cranberry is my favorite, but grape is a close second, then I’ll take apple or grapefruit, but no orange. babbling…

    I always, always want to stay the full two nights I’m allowed to stay, but can never make it past the first night. Usually by the end of the day I am soooo ready to go home! I’ve not been able to stay in the hospital my full stay, ever!!!! I get bored, or I’m just not comfortable enough, or the room temperature just doesn’t seem right, and I simply want to be in my own bed, at home…. Even with my c-section, I blew the nursing staff away by going home a full day early! I only took one Ibuprofen and never took anything stronger that was offered. I was told that walking was the best thing to make it feel better, so I walked as often as I could! The nurses were amazed! But, that’s the beauty of the Bradley Method… you can use it to deal with most any pain! Relaxation is key!!!!

    💡 In a nutshell… or a few… I figured that women have been giving birth for 100’s and 100’s of years before they had drugs for birth. It’s a natural process and I trust in God. I think that’s a big thing, right there!!! Trust in God! I trust in my body, and try to listen to it. That’s why I zone out… I guess my body and I are in a deep conversation! 😉 Like when my son is playing video games (which he rarely gets to do), he zones out and is “in” the game. There could be an earthquake and he’d simply move around the falling bits of ceiling to get a better view of the screen! Unless you make him he won’t eat, breathe, or sleep. That’s kinda’ the same idea… I zone out into my own world. It’s just my body and me!

    ❗ Off Subject, but I’ll bring it back, trust me: Mel Gibson is my favorite celebrity, I will pay attetion to media news about him, but very, very few other celebrities (we used to really like Harrison Ford, as he was very private about his private life and gave few interviews except to promote his next movie…and was a bit eccentric (spell?) and reclusive… but then he left his wife and became a tabloid star…). I love how you don’t see a lot of interviews from Mel and he’s not in all the pictures of all the be-seen-here places. He’s faithfully married to his wife and had 7 children, last I knew… He is true to his faith and is a good man (wasn’t always, but that’s what makes him human). Anyhow… His father once said that to worry was a sin, because it meant you didn’t have faith in God. This hit me when I read it! It was such a simple statement! And sooo true! If you trust in God and really believe and follow him where he leads, isn’t life so simple? Don’t things just always work out? But, when we try to go in on our own, we always seem to stumble and even fall and get lost, only to turn back to God for guidance. That’s how I feel about labor and delivery! I trust in my body and follow where it leads. I relax and go with the flow, so to speak. God created my body and I trust in him. I’m so excited about trying for a VBAC!

    Babbling… ask any questions, make any comments… I love discussion.

    God Bless, Love, Me 😀



    Hello back! And thank you for sharing so much great information about what worked for you while labouring.

    I think I definitely fight the contractions. I try to relax – music helps – but my labour (and not the early stage – I mean the last four centimetres) lasts hours. After so long I’m just tired and brace myself against the contractions I think.

    I have read about the Bradley method, but must get my hands on a copy of that husband coaching book. Sounds great!

    Have you read The Red Tent by the way? Fictional account of Dinah from the Bible – midwifery in Biblical times. Some parts maybe won’t be popular with some people (pagan inspired beliefs, but to be fair, that is probably historical) but I found it fascinating and couldn’t put it down. Women stood on bricks to birth.

    I also tend, like you, to labour on all fours. So I was trying to picture labouring on bricks. I do have friends who squat to labour/birth.

    I do hope your VBAC goes well. Midwifery is regulated in our province and midwives have full hospital privileges. My friend just had a successful VBAC – so happy when it works out well. People don’t realize that c-sections are major abdominal surgery and recovery is much harder than vaginal birth. Had an interesting talk with some young women – early 20s – who said they would book c-sections and have social c-sections like the celebs do to avoid hard labour. I listened and asked if they knew that after a vaginal birth they could be up and walking – but with a c-section – reality of all those muscles being cut, recovery time, possible short and long-term complications. They were amazed. 😉 Decided maybe centuries of labour and birth had some validity.

    I mean, we are really so very lucky to live in the times we do and where we do because maternal and infant mortality rates are so low. C-sections are obviously so necessary to have healthy mums and babes in some cases. But social c-sections??!! Yipes.

    Thank you again.

    May have more questions for you!!



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