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    hello ladies,

    I would like to share something and it is about the famous harry Potter movie
    I saw Harry Potter the first episode and I don´t agree absolutly with that movie they are encouraging our children to the hidden occultism
    here in Europe the children are just crazy about this harry potter stuff, instead of telling the children about Jesus the Holy Mary or Engels.
    It doesn´t do any good for our children to watch, and what does bother me most is that they are showing in the movie black magic as interesting and cool.
    I have read many articles about this movie, and there are a lot people who are the meaning that this film is not at all appropiate for children
    the meanining is evelish. and I has nothing to do with a children´s world
    I just wanted to share this because I thing we as mothers have to be aware about what´s happening around us and even every single detil is important to
    becasue we love, protect and care abot our beloved children a gift and blessing, from our sweet Jeshua
    then they are our Responsbility

    😀 [/b][/i]



    @lady_Wallinsky wrote:

    hello ladies,
    I just wanted to share this because I thing we as mothers have to be aware about what´s happening around us and even every single detil is important to
    becasue we love, protect and care abot our beloved children a gift and blessing, from our sweet Jeshua
    then they are our Responsbility
    😀 [/b][/i]

    You are a very wise young mother. Our world would change if we had more Mom’s with your view. I say this sincerely and I will place you and your family in my prayer notebook that you recieve continued guidence and wisdom from God and His Blessed Mother.

    It is sometimes difficult to make choices when our children’s friends are going to the movies and doing certin things and they beg us to go….

    At every moment, may we mothers allow our Holy Mother to guide us and be our hands.. If we use her as an example and stop to think if she would take the child Jesus to such a place, it would help us a great deal..

    Scripture has much to say about “Harry Potter” and all movies are to be avoided according to God’s word.

    It is not easy to say no.. :( and there will be times when we may make mistakes, however our children will grow if they hear us admit our mistakes and pray to God for guidence.

    With our Jospeh (age 15).. it happened that his class was going to the movies as a field trip. His Father and I said, “Let’s pray about it.” We did just that and then we took time and seached the internet for scripture references. We presented this to Joseph and told him no, he could not go.. And explaiend why.
    Did Joseph jump and say,”Wow, thanks Mom and Dad.”? NO he did not.. In fact he had tears… 😥

    But we are responsible for his soul and will answer to God for how we lead him. It pained our hearts to tell him no.. Not only that but I had to tell the teacher why he could not go.. I printed out the scripture references and gave them to her..
    Now, Joseph automatically tells his teacher, “Well, don’t think I’ll be going to this one.”..He is not convicted..however, he knows internally…..

    So.. keep up the good work and we will pray for each other….. Your sister in Chirst,
    Margaret Mary

    ~ Acts 19:11-12 ~




    I’ll have to disagree.

    I see the Harry Potter movies as being no different than our own imaginations. I think the movies should be approached in this light as well. The movie is on the same level as Santa Claus (which we don’t do), the Tooth Fairy, snow white, etc.

    Our daughter likes the HP movies, but doesn’t love them. We encourage her to use her imagination and to create with her mind. She hasn’t ever tried to cast a spell or wave an imaginary wand (unless she is a princess).

    So, HP is just for fun, and shouldn’t be taken seriously.



    I think there are things that are more worthwhile than the HP series….but that could be said of a good many things I enjoy for leisure. I have enjoyed the books and the movies, but will probably be careful about introducing my kids to them. Kids are 7,5,2, and 5 months…so we have a few years to go. 😉
    It does present spells and magic as something good people can do with no ill effects, but I think kids are very capable of grasping that this is fiction and not reality.
    Each family has to decide where lines are drawn. I can respect a family that decides HP is off limits entirely, it just isn’t the decision ours has made.



    Saten is so very very sneaky. He’s not going to serve up witchcraft and scorcery with an I.D. tag or neon sign…he’s smarter than that. We must be “as wise as serpents” if we are going to uncover his traps and snares. He is the wolf in sheeps clothing. I think he laughs at us whenever we blow off his cunning ways as “harmless”. I believe so thoroughly in the “frog in the boiling pot of water”. If you start out cool and slowly turn up the heat, you dont realize you’re being boiled to death. I have fallen into that trap far too many times and pray that God continues to help me see with spirit eyes….I pray the same for all of us. I know my opinion may sound strong, I just believe so strongly in it. Many blessings, Gina N.



    Gina, I fully respect your opinion, but also know that God has blessed me with common sense and I am not afraid to use it.

    HP is one movie our daughter has seen out of the very few movies we watch (we don’t watch much TV) and she is much more interested in being a princess. if she were really caught up in HP (which we wouldn’t allow) then we as her parents and protectors would know what to do.

    It’s when we has parents fear everything that is the problem. We don’t have to be frogs in boiling water if only we use our common sense and pray about what it is we question.

    In Christ,



    We mustn’t be afraid of using our God-given talents and imaginations! God also gave us intelligence and common sense….

    Common sense and intelligence tell me that Harry Potter is simply evidence of someone using her God-given talent for using her imagination and skills to write some darned good stories. And don’t give Satan any credit; he had nothing to do with the creation of these wonderful novels.

    What our children learn and carry into their adult years is what they LIVE every day. Harry Potter certainly isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a child!

    God doesn’t intend for us to live in a vacuum, nor does He wish us to use Scripture to try to justify unreasonable attitudes.



    Hi Kathryn,

    I really enjoyed your post.

    Now I have to agree that anything in excess is dangerous, Harry Potter, Lambchop. etc.

    As they say, everything in moderation. It’s addiction we need to be aware of.



    KathrynJean wrote

    God doesn’t intend for us to live in a vacuum, nor does He wish us to use Scripture to try to justify unreasonable attitudes

    I just dont get it. Witchcraft and scorcery are not of God, actually of Saten…am I wrong in this understanding?? Yes, HP is full of imagination, excitement and wonder. Im just looking beyond that.
    So I am using scripture to “justify” unreasonable attitudes?? Well, maybe thats true because in the Word of God is where I first learned about what God has to say about witchcraft…even for entertainment purposes.

    “There shall not be found in you anyone … who employs divination, a practicer of magic or anyone who looks for omens or a sorcerer or one who binds others with a spell or anyone who consults a spirit medium or a professional foreteller of events or anyone who inquires of the dead” Deuteronomy 18:10-11

    I agree that we should not take quotes from the Bible and use them to fit certain events in life. We have to take the entire lesson or book in the Bible into consideration before having a true understanding of a certain scripture. In Deuteronomy Moses lists the 10 Commandments again and tells God’s other commandments in order to draw attention to the consequences that will come if the people violate God’s agreement.

    “Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, … Galatians 5:19

    This scripture goes on to include orgies. God puts orgies in the same sentence as sorcery and says that these things are all evident (easy to see OR common sense). God seems to take these things pretty seriousely, so I think Im gonna too. I turn my son’s eyes from all the other things on that list that God thinks are deeds of the flesh…so why not sorcery?? Because it is imaginative or entertaining? I think we can always justify something if we want it badly enough. A porn star says she feels like she is helping marriages, helping couples become more sensual with each other….using her God-given talents. Now I dont think HP and porn stars are even close to the same thing but by looking at the Galations scripture…maybe God does. If I lack intelligence and common sense on this subject then ignorance is bliss!

    With all that being said I realize we all have our OWN responsibility to or OWN children and we should follow what we believe is right and I guess we are doing that!
    As always, many blessings, Gina N.
    P.S. Great debate topic!



    Hello, Gina~
    I meant no offense…. Nor did I mean to imply that you or anyone else does not have common sense and intelligence…. This certainly is a great debate topic!

    I am also impressed with your knowledge of Scripture!

    Now, the way I see it is that what really matters is what is INSIDE of us, and external elements, such as HP, cannot hurt nor wrongly influence us as long as what is inside of us is good and strong. Of course, children must be guided through the “external gauntlet” of life during their formative years so that their insides are not messed up!

    As you mentioned, every parent must do what he/she feels is right when it comes to raising children. I will add that each child is different and family dynamics vary so what works in one family may not work in another. The important thing is that we raise GOOD, well-adjusted people who will contribute to the well-being of the world.

    Your point of view is appreciated and shared by many.

    Blessings, K.


    how many harry potter films are left?



    There are two more films to come out.

    Just wanted to put my 2 cents in. My husband and I have read all the books and don’t really see how Harry Potter differs from the Lord of the Rings trilogy in terms of magic and sorcery, not literary worth obviously!! Magic is story-telling device for both series. Just my thoughts after reading all the books.



    Here is an article, Is Harry Potter Good for Our Kids?, albeit older still interesting: http://www.ewtn.com/expert/answers/harry_potter.pdf


    Remember, the Church has not condemned the Harry Potter series. What was expressed about this series by our Holy Father (while he was still Cardinal) is that while he is not a fan, he does not condemn them. (Paraphrased)

    Simply put: This series is up to the discernment of the parents with their children. Just because a parent may disagree with the series, does not mean that another parent should be told not to allow their children read or watch the movies.

    As an aside note: I have read the entire series, and watched each of the movies that are out so far. I own all the books and movies, and while I find them ok for adults to read, I would advise other moms to not let their children read the books until they have become teenagers.

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