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    I was just wondering how children who may have a handicapp and a bit noisy through no fault of their own , they want to communicate to us in their way. As I was walking in town doing some shopping , I came upon a parked car in which there was a child calling out, I would say the child was about 10 or so. She was rocking and just generall making stressed sounds, so I said a silent prayer for her.
    It also ocurred to me that I don’t see many such children at Mass.
    So how do they receive communion in the case of parents being Christian.

    I know that God has a special place for these children , even if they don’t understand that they are receiving the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Do you know if there is anything in the Catechism about children receiving the sacraments who don’t really understand ?




    I suppose that communion could be taken to them like they do for shut-ins if they’re unable to sit through mass. But don’t you have to be able to comprehend a certain amount of the catechism before you’re permitted to have first communion?



    I have a cousin that had downs. We were told by the parish priest that it would be his decision to determine whether or not she understood what she was recieving. If he could communicate with her enough to determine that she did indeed understand, then she would be able to make her first communion. Unfortunately she didn’t get the chance as she died of a heart problem. I believe the teaching is based on each individual reaching the age of reason – that will be different for different people, typically they say 7-8 years old.



    I am not too sure about this, but the Cathedral where we are parishoners has a family where there is a mentally challenged girl; I really don’t know her diagnosis or condition but I can tell she probably doesn’t or wouldn’t understand much just by looking at her. But she does receive communion each time with her mom guiding her. Maybe I am wrong, maybe she does understand to some extent, but just wanted to say, that you do sometimes see such children at Mass.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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