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    I absolutely despise grocery shopping. I usually go every other week but even that is too often. Before we moved I used to shop once a month and LOVED that but not it just isn’t possible due to how my hubby gets paid now. Do you all like to grocery shop? I am just interested to see what other thing about shopping and how often you go.



    Every other week…payday weekends. Then we just pick up things like milk and bread if we run low in between.



    Hi Stephanie:

    I shop every other week and top up on bread and milk and such as needed (fruit! wow do we go through apples and bananas!) like Lynn.

    I don’t mind shopping. Like it best if I take just one of my three boys. Or if I take all three if we get the truck cart – then they’re as happy as little clams and I can take more time than otherwise.





    i go to the grocery after jacob goes to bed…its actually like a little escape for me–alone time! i go every few weeks for the big trip, but always end up going a few times a week for one thing–confession: sometimes for something that can wait, but i just wanna get out of the house alone for 15 min…
    and, yeah, karen, when i do take jacob, those truck carts are a lifesaver–love whoever invented those!



    I do the “big trip” every week and a half or so. Small trips for bread, milk, bananas, etc. in between.

    We now consume about four gallons of milk a week, four loaves of bread, and about seven or eight pounds of bananas. My skinny little kids can really “put it away”! (God bless ’em – I’d rather have “eaters” than have to struggle with every bite. That’s exhausting! 😆 )

    I did the “super big Easter shopping trip” yesterday. I had TONS of coupons this week. Between store savings, coupons, and a discount certificate I had (I take the discount instead of the free ham! It’s a better deal for me.)…I saved $96.00!!! I was really proud! 😀 Still spent over $200…..but I bought a ham, chicken breasts, and other meats as a part of it all.

    I always need the “cart person” to help me out with my two carts! 😳
    I’m officially the “lady with all the kids!” 😆 I felt like that lady on Discovery Channel who takes her 16 kids shopping with her! Can you IMAGINE attempting that? …and I thought I had a shopping challenge each week!

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