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    Well, today I was looking at my NFP chart and realized that I was 6 days late on my period. Now I have a very regular 26 to 28 day cycle. (the 6 days was from a 28 day cycle) This evening, I told my DH that my period was late and that I thought I might be pregnant. So after talking to my sister-in-law we decided to go to the local drug store and get a home pregnancy test. Needless to say we’re expecting!!! We are soooooooooo excited (and a little nervous 😀 ) Anyways, just wanted to share the good news.

    Tiffany, wife of Mark and Mommy to be!!!



    I am so excited for you!!!!!



    Awwww, congrats Momma!!! How cool, a new baby in the “group!” Just remember that you have alot of moms praying for you and your family! Seeing those 2 little lines or the plus sign on the stick are some of the most beautiful memories I have…I even saved them in baggies and hid them in the back of the fridge!!! Yea, I might be a weirdo but they are so sweet to me. Well, take care of yourself, get on pre-natels ASAP and drink LOTS of water (it really helps with headaches and nausua!)
    Many blessings, Gina N.



    Thanks! Actually, I’ll be honest the hpt we bought came with two and the next morning I tested again because a small part of me was afraid that it was going to turn out to be a dream 😆 put nope it’s real!!!

    I’ve already started taking prenatal vitamins as well :o)



    congrats! how wonderful! 😀



    How wonderful and exciting! Babies are precious little miracles!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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