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    I was just wondering if I am the only one out there who doesn’t know how to change a tire. Today when we got the flat I felt like I was giving women drivers everywhere a bad name because I didn’t know how to change it.



    I voted “NO”, but was going to answer, “YES – I call AAA!!”


    I have no idea how to change a tire either..Of course I don’t know how to drive either!! LOL 😆 I guess that might be a bad thing though..I feel bad asking people to drive me around when Bob’s not here.. 😳 Oh well hope you all have a great day!!




    I have tried to change a flat tire before but I couldn’t do it. A nice man from Haiti stopped with his wife and son to help me 😀 . I tried to pay him but he said it was Christian generosity 😀 . See Stephanie, you are not the only one who doesn’t know! Erica


    I voted No. I would probably give it a try, but I know I wouldn’t get it accomplished. I too would call my roadside assistance. I do have some advise for those (like me) who can’t change a tire. Some auto insurance policies can add a towing coverage for a nominal fee. Then, the insurance company will pick up the roadside assistance bill or the towing bill up to a certain amount. It has saved me more than once. 😉



    My dad made me do it, once, but that was 11 years ago. I’d like to think I could do it, but I’m afraid to try…the consequence of messing up would be too scary for me!



    I am glad to see that I am not the only woman out there who doesn’t know how or isn’t confident enough in her ability to change a tire. I really did feel like I was in the minority. Thanks so much for making me feel a little better 😀

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