Father’s Day

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    What do you all have planned for Father’s Day? I’m kind of drawing a blank as to what to do this year and I’m hoping for some inspiration! 😕



    We are going out of town to visit family, so DH and I will get to see our dads on Father’s Day, too! We usually do lunch or dinner, the girls make Daddy something and I usually buy him a gift (nothing major). Last year I took a bunch of black and white pictures, then made an album for him full of quotes about being a daddy, or things that my dd had said about him or her life experiences (very philosophic at times 😉 ).

    I wish I had a spectacular idea to offer you. This is how our day typically goes:
    -breakfast in bed with kids (I make dh’s favorites, then get the girls up and they have a picnic in our bed together).
    -immediate family time/church (because we’ll be with our extended families also, I wanted to reserve some time for just the 4 of us to be together)
    -lunch with my dad and brother (my brother is Godfather to both my girls)
    -naptime/Daddy’s fishing time (his favorite way to spend an afternoon)
    -cookout with dh’s family

    Not anything major, but it makes Daddy feel special!



    I couldn’t answer the poll because I feel that they are both right and that DH should spend time with his family and some time doing his favorite thing.

    Usually we just give cards for most Holidays, but this year I bought him a couple things I think he will really like. We will probably have a BBQ at his parents home with all the Dads doing what they do best – let us women handle the cooking and cleaning ( we do this even on Mother’s day 😆 ).



    Nikki – I like the idea of the photo album with the quotes about being a daddy. I’m sure my girls would come up with lots of fun things!

    Erica – I agree with you about being a day for his own thing and a day with the kids. I know some families, though, where the husband thinks he should have the whole day to himself and the wife thinks he should be with the family. Gets a little touch sometimes! By the way, too funny about cooking and cleaning on Father’s Day AND Mother’s Day!

    Usually my husband will go golfing with my 2 BILs and my brother and then we all get together for dinner. Unfortunately, my husband’s golf clubs were stolen out of our garage 🙁 a little while ago. I wish it were in the budget to get him new ones for Father’s Day, but it’s not.

    I completely forgot about having the girls make him something. Then, maybe I can just let him sleep in and I’ll make breakfast (usually on the weekends he gets up with the baby and let me sleep in!), then Mass, then join the rest of the family. We actually all usually go the cemetery, since my own father passed away a while ago. 🙁

    Thanks for sharing your plans and I hope you all have a wonderful day whatever you are doing! 😀

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