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    How do you deal with a co-worker who often throws personal criticisms on those who religiously goes to mass?
    Every Wednesday and first Fridays of the month a mass is celebrated in the building where I worked. So, I, together with my other co-workers usually attends this mass. We have this other co-worker who seldom goes to mass and would always say, “you always go to mass but you are still ill mannered.” She says this on any situation where she finds the opportunity to say so. Most of the time I just turn my back, ignore and pretend that I did not hear what she said. My other co-workers would also do the same. But, there are times when I’m afraid I cant hold any longer.



    You could tell this individual that you recognize your imperfection and that is way you attend mass regularly. You need all the prayer you can get! You could go on to say it is a huge challenge in “your environment” to be holy when there is so much negativity around. Maybe you could try killing with kindness and encourage this person to join you next time.
    Try to keep positive, remember it is a good thing in the eyes of God to be persecuted on His behalf, keep doing the right thing!



    The response I find that stops people in their tracts is:

    ” Thank you. It’s something I’m working on.”

    There really isn’t a response to that. If they do persist I continue to just say, ” Thank you.” until they understand I’m not affected or offended by their observation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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