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    Hi ladies, Im wondering if any of your children suffer from eczema and if so, have you used anything that actually helps? I feel like we’ve tried so many types of creams and ointments and its just getting worse! Asher didnt develop it until about 9 months old and everyone tells me he’ll outgrow it but I trully doubt that considering me and my dad have it. His pedi. just keeps trying new Rx’s and I keep hearing bad things about Elidel…which he is using now. I wash everything in “free and clear” detergent and he uses Aveeno creamy wash in the tub. He cant wear sandals anymore because they irritate his poor scaly, red feet and he is now itching behind his sweet little legs…he never used to itch it! I remember trying Eucerin and Cetaphil when he was younger and didnt think they helped much but maybe I should try again. Has anyone ever heard of a cream called Eczana? Its all natural which sounds great but not if it doesnt do anything like all of those other online gimmicks. Im thinking about having him tested for allergies too, who knows….UGH! I just want to give the child some relief! Im so thankful its not on his face, Ive heard of scars being left from severe eczema.
    Im thinking of trying to find some little bracelet that he cant take off and send it to be laid on Padre Pio’s glove. Advice and prayers would be much appreciated. Thank you and many blessings, Gina N.



    Hi Gina,
    I was just checking out the website and noticed your post. I understand how you feel. I have no medical background – but possibly my story could help. My son had eczema beginning before age 1 and nothing seemed to really take care of it. He was so sensitive to hydrocortisone and Elidel and they only helped a bit. When he was about 6, he came down with a stomach virus and ate very little for 5 days – his eczema went away. I had previously asked the doctor if the eczema could be from a food allergy and she kind of brushed me off. So, I had a hunch and started with eliminating peanut butter (he used to eat it by the spoonful) and it worked. If he does not eat peanuts, his skin is as clear as a child that has never had eczema. He has no other type of allergic reaction to peanuts. My son is 7 now. Good luck – I know how frustrating this is – I wish you the best.



    Had a few (3) of our children with eczema – they also did outgrow it. I also found that DS’s got worse when I nursed him after I’d eaten peanut butter! Also – it was worse when MY nasal allergies flared up! Definitely an allergy component to it! The nurse at the Dr. back then also pooh-poohed my claim that my eating habits were affecting DS’s eczema. Now, I believe, there are studies to confirm this sort of thing happening!

    We had a prescription for Elidel. It really worked for us. I think you’ll be fine as long as you only use it as directed. Use only as much as prescribed. I think they were talking about increased skin cancer risk or something – weren’t they? But what if a person predisposed to skin conditions is also predisposed to skin cancer? I dunno – I think sometimes they don’t trust us parents to just USE OUR BRAINS! 😉

    We also used Eucerin. LOVE that stuff. The key is to use it regularly. Don’t just do it it the morning and forget about it. Keep the skin slathered.

    Also found that advice about cutting down on the bathing is absolutely true!!! Unless your child is rolling around in the mud – don’t bathe them every day. Dries them out like crazy. I like the bath product call Eczema baby wash (something like that). They have it at WalMart. Comes in a muted green colored bottle. Johnsons may make it – not sure. They also have a cream that’s excellent – but kinda pricey if I remember right.

    Keep his nails trimmed very low. If he itches, it’s harder to do damage.

    Experiment and see if there are any allergic “triggers” that make the eczema worse. Then eliminate them if you can. Don’t forget about pets?

    Hope this helps! Good luck/God bless!

    (Mommy to three (of five) previously itchy babies!)



    Thanks ladies for the replies. Asher has an allergist appt tomorrow actually. From the time I made the appt (my original post) it took a month to get in. Since making the appt something kind of cool happened. I made quiche!!! Sounds weird I knw, but that night my poor baby had red eyes and his eczema was horrible! The next morning it was broken open! SOOOO, ever since then I have taken egg completely out of his diet and started a food log. Well low and behold, the child now only has very mild eczema, its actually completely gone on his arms!! He never liked scrambled eggs but as we all know so many foods have egg in them. For example, his nutri-grain blueberry Eggo waffles that he had about 2-3 times a week! Now maybe his allergy test will gone up negative for egg allergy, who knows, but he at least has an adversion to egg. This whole thing really makes me question his pediatrition. I think she’s great in all but why did she lead me to beleive that an allergist was unecessary all this time? Why just blow it off at heredity without checking out a few more possibilites first. This whole ordeal just reminds me how important it is to be an advocate for your kids…no matter how crazy someone might make you feel, trust your instincts! I’ll let you know what turns up after the tests!
    P.S. We are using a prescription (the one prescibed right before the Elidel) called Triam 5% and I think it is mixed with Eucerin which really does help his skin from over drying in the eczema prone spots, but it cant be used on the face. Also, we only bathe him every other night. Any less than that then he doesnt sleep well I think becasue he works up a little 2 y/o sweat during the day and it clogs his pores! Thx again for the advice!



    He had the allergy test…..SEVERLY allergic to cats to the point where I now have to carry an epi-pen and mildly allergic to soy and bananas!! Surprisingly, not egg! He said that alot of the same thing fods that have egg also have soy so that explains things. Im so annoyed at my pedi. right now!! Arrogance! Thanks for all of the tips ladies, they were all very helpful!! Gina N.



    SO glad the little one is doing better and you have some answers!

    I think it’s becoming better known that allergies CAN be the cause of many childhood problems. I remember my brothers having behavior problems after having anything with orange dye in it as children. There’s a Doctor named Dr. Doris Rapp that has lots of good books about allergies in children and how they may be the cause of other ailments. Many of the books were written back in the 1970’s. If I remember correctly, people pooh poohed her ideas. Now they’re finding out that they’re TRUE!

    God bless!



    Ah, yes, I know eczema quite well. My son has it on his arms. While it’s an allergic reaction for my son, it isn’t always an allergic reaction for everyone. I recommend going to a dermatologist and/or allergist to figure out what’s causing it. Creams are great, but it’s more important to figure out the root of the problem. You can always just use a site like Google or Yelp or LocateADoc to look up a good doctor to go to.

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