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    Lately it has been put upon my heart that I may not be following Mother Mary’s command to dress modestly.
    I know its in the Bible for women to dress as women and not to take on the dress of men.
    But I am confused or maybe just scared to take the leap. I own plenty of dresses and skirts I don’t know why it is so hard for me to take this leap of faith. How do other Catholic Moms address this topic. What does dressing modestly mean to others of our faith? In our Parish some of the women have reverted back to wearing scarves in Church.Then on the other hand Our Priest has even had to go as far as putting up signs that short paints and flip flops are not appropriate for mass. What does dressing modestly as a Catholic Women mean?



    Hi, Mandy – I’m also a newbie here, so welcome! Luckily, our priest hasn’t had to post any signs, but I do see some questionable attire at mass. I have a feeling that if you’re thinking about modesty you are probably not dressing too risque 😀 I don’t think that wearing pants is taking on men’s attire, particularly if they are tailored with feminine details. For skirts, I don’t wear anything that wouldn’t touch the kneeler because it is too short. I also avoid spaghetti straps unless I put a cardigan over them. I do have a few sleeveless tops, but they have wide straps and don’t reveal too much chest. Lastly, if a shirt tends to show a little cleavage (particularly while kneeling and others are walking by), I wear a camisole under it. The layered look is still popular, so this looks trendy while being modest! Hopefully this isn’t too much information! Others may disagree with me, but I think Catholic women can still be stylish and dress their age without forgoing modesty!



    I agree with Jenny96. There is no need to get rid of all of your pants. These are my general rules of modesty:
    No bellybutton, no cleavage of any amount, skirts go to the knee. I also choose longer shorts (Bermuda style or close to it). For church, I make sure I dress nicely. No jeans, shorts, flip-flops, etc. I also keep my shoulders covered. I hope this helps you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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