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    I just sumbled upon this website searching for a place to fellowship with other catholic moms. I am excited to find this site.

    My name is Celeste, mother of 7 angels, one on the way. Ages, 11, 8, 7, 5, 3 and 19 month old b/g twins. Our newest baby is due early june. We live a humble life and I homeschool. I am a recent convert to the faith but looking back realize I have always been catholic in spirit.

    I guess I am really hungry to know other catholic women. As you all know, the world can really come against family ideals. I have been blessed with good health and easy pregnancies, the only c section being the twins. Considering a vbac, but will have to wait a little longer to see God’s plan.

    I am most desperate to find women who have been successful with NFP. My doctors of course have all been reccomending tubiligation since baby number three. As a person i just cannot do it, but now that I am catholic, i know our faith teaches against such methods of birth control.

    I am having such a struggle because the world does it one way and my husband and i are really getting to the end of wanting many more children. I am 39 and though I want it to be God’s plan, at this rate we could have double digits easy. i know this is His plan for some families, but NFP is sounding really good to me now, especially if it is effective.

    Any such expereiences anyone has had, successful or not, would be greatly appreciated. I think I am just looking for that positive support. Thanks so much and God bless you all.



    Hi Celeste,
    My husband and I began using NFP about 3 years ago after we attended a retreat put on by our parish and presented (in video) by Christopher West (who is amazing, by the way!). My husband is a cradle Catholic, however I converted about 5 years ago. My husband has never fully been on board about NFP. I think that if you are both passionate about the why of NFP, your marriage will become ever so close, and you should not have a problem using NFP as a reliable method of postponing pregnancy. As for practically, I can only speak for my experience. We attended the CCL NFP classes, as well as the breastfeeding adjunct class. For the most part, NFP worked for us. As long as you are willing to abstain during the fertile times, I believe it works. It is fairly easy to read your body’s signs of fertility after some practice, attending the classes, staying on top of your charting and communicating clearly with your husband (and it helps when he does all he can to help and support you!). We did struggle with reading my body’s signs while I was nursing, even after attending the BF adjunct class. It seems that my body does not always respond in a “textbook” manner, and we found that we had to abstain even more than during “normal” non-BF-ing times, which was hard and frustrating. In fact, we ended up conceiving our latest child during this time, quite by accident. I hope this helps!



    Hi, I am new to this site. I found it by accident while looking to see if anybody has difficulty or frustrations with NFP. My husband and I started using NFP 7 years ago. We planned 2 pregnancies and had 2 surprise pregnancies with NFP. All of our children are wanted and we realize that we aren’t really in the driver seat because God is. Even though we didn’t want to get pregnant the last 2 times, we can’t imagine life without them. We now have 6 kids ranging from 14 to 10 months. Our last baby has Down’s syndrome. We don’t want to have anymore kids. We are both in our 40’s and we want to move on with the next stage in our lives. Since we are so fertile (all we have to do is think about it) and it seems like I am pregnant! Actually today I bought a pregnancy test because I haven’t started menstrating after our last baby. I stopped nursing the beginning of Feb. I pray that I am not but I need to know so that I can take good care of myself if I am for the babies sake.
    Our older kids, 14, 12, 6, and 4-year-old all want us to have more kids. They want a big family. I keep telling them that 6 kids is a big family. If only they knew all the financial stress that goes along with a big family.
    My husband did not go to NFP training so it has been hard for us. He doesn’t understand the chart and thinks that I am holding back intimacy. I just don’t want to get pregnant. So If you do the class, both of you go together!
    The hardest thing for me is that we are struggling financially, our house needs some major work and we just don’t seem to make ends meet. I have cashed my IRA in last year just to help out. We don’t want to go on gov’t assistance. I don’t want to be labeled because we chose to practice NFP and have a big family. I don’t want society to judge our faith. Our friends and families don’t get why we don’t get sterilized. They just don’t get it. I hope our story helps a bit. I sure does feel good to talk about it.



    Hi Celest and Momof6!

    Welcome to the Catholic Moms Forums! I just wanted to let you know that we have an NFP page with some great posts at the following link:

    Glad you found us!



    My husband and I took the NFP classes before marriage, so he has been on board since day one. (We have been married 3 years and have a 19mo old) I personally LOVE NFP as I feel it is my only option anyways. It is so easy to follow; bottom line avoid intercourse when you are fertile. Sometimes it is hard because my husband works different shifts every 4 weeks; so when he is home he wants to be intimate, and often I have to say “no we can’t at this time”. We are planning on trying to have another baby soon here and NFP has worked for us to space our children out. (And I’m not very good with my charting, but have done it long enough that I pretty much just go by my temperature!)

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