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    I love to bake but really don’t like to cook. Before I had to option to stay at home my husband did all the cooking and that was wonderful. Now I feel like I should cook since I am at home all day and so I end up doing most of the cooking now. My dh would cook if I would let him but for some reason I feel like he shouldn’t have to since he is away at work all day. I know, call my crazy 😀 I would bake every day if I wouldn’t be 500 pounds from eating it all. I really enjoy baking but don’t do too much of it anymore. Really who has time while chasing around toddlers 😀 So how about the rest of you, are you bakers or cooks or neither??



    I voted for cooking! Something is wrong with the temperature control on my oven, and I’ve been burning all my baked goods lately! I had a cake this weekend that called for it to be baked 28 minutes. After 15, I could smell it burning!! 😥 The stove top has been my better suit lately!!



    I voted for baking. My grandma was a serious baker. Everyday she would bake something new ( she and my grandfather raised me so I was there everyday! ) but for dinner we would have easy dinners – such as pastas, sandwiches and soup, salad and potatoes, etc. Then we would have great desserts and fresh bread. I have to admit I take after her. I have to be a little more skillful with the cooking than what I perfer to be to keep DH happy. Stephanie, my DH is a better cook also, but for the same reason as you I do the cooking – besides if we waited to have dinner until he got home we would be eating after 9:30! Erica



    I really can’t decide! I like to do both. I love trying new recipes. Fortunately, dh is fine with that! Right now I’m into trying new pasta dishes. Its so much fun! 🙂

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