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    I am brand new to this forum and website. I have felt a tugging at my heart for several years now regarding the Catholic faith. I was born again when I was 17 years old, and have been a Christian since then. I used to attend a Catholic youth group with my best friend when we were in our early teens. I can also remember going into the Catholic church and praying when I was little (It was around the corner from my house.), and it was so peaceful inside there.

    I am a member of a local church, and a board member to boot. What do I do???



    Are there any good and faithful Catholics that you know? You could ask them for a name of a trusted priest to talk to. You could also visit this active Catholic Mom Community and get advise because there are many who were in the same situation as you!

    Here is the site:

    You have to become a member first.

    God bless and help you in your journey!

    Lisa 🙂



    Hi KansasGirl and welcome!
    We are happy to have you as a member of the Catholic Moms forums !

    A really wonderful site that you can check out is called:

    They have all kinds of resources and answers to the questions you might have.

    We are so happy that you are here, and I am sure that some of the other members will have some good advice for you as well. (I don’t know why Rosanna thinks you need to go to another discussion group)? ❓

    You should also contact your local Parish and find out when RCIA classes begin… they usually start around the Fall. They canl answer all kinds of questions you might have.

    Have a Blessed Day!
    CatholicMoms, moderator 😀

    #3945 is built and maintained by professional Catechists (they’re aka teachers of the faith). The webmaster is a DRE (Director of Religious Education), and the site is chalk full of information and resources.



    The only reason that I suggested another group as well is because it is more active than this site. No offense intended!

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