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    Hey, I was hoping you guys could give me some thoughts on this.

    I recently found out I am pregnant (expecting the first baby) and morning sickness set in last week. Well, when I went to Mass today I was only able to take partial Communion. I only received the Host because when I stopped in front of the EM to receive the Precious Blood, my stomach revolted at the mere thought. Should I just receive the Host if I am having issues with morning sickness or should I attempt to receive the Precious Blood?

    Thanks in advance!



    It’s my understanding that there exceptions to participating in communion, including illness. I would consider morning sickness and illness, for sure.



    I learned in my RCIA class over 2 years ago that they are the same thing. Blood is of the body and the body is made of blood. Also, many priests dip the body in the blood prior to giving…thats why some will not let you except it in the hand, only in the mouth. So the blood has also been touched with the body. I was my cousin’s sponser during her RCIA last year and the topic came up and her priest said its not necessary to recieve both but it is of course a good thing. I dont receive the blood during cold and flu season because I get sick very easily. Hope this helps! Hang in there with the morning sickness, I get it so bad!! Drinking ALOT of water really helps me. Ginger lemon tea I heard works a bit. Oh yea, GINGER ALE!!! That helps me so much. Sometimes all I could eat was whole wheat saltines and ginger ale. Ginger has natural tummy soothing properties….its called magic (thats the technical term 😉 ). I’ll be praying for you, remeber, this too shall pass!! Many blessings, Gina



    When one has received EITHER the Body OR Blood of Christ during Communion, one has received a COMPLETE sacrament. It is not necessary to receive both. I know a person who is allergic to wheat and can only receive Christ’s Blood. On the other hand, there are folks who don’t drink wine….
    Whatever you choose to do, it is ok. You are receiving the whole Christ when you consume just one or the other.




    Ah then thats good to know :)

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