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    I am currently purging my home of unused/unwanted items, and find that we have accumulated MANY toys with 5 children, many of which are still good. I have given away some in the past, but it seems like over the last 2 years, between birthdays and Christmas, we have accumulated too much stuff. This is the time of year I begin trying to get gift ideas in mind for Christmas, and this year I DO NOT want my home invaded with loads of new objects or anything junky. One item I know I’m getting them each is a large monogramed towel from Land’s End. That way, they get something useful & personal, and will KNOW who let their towel on the floor!!!

    I am looking for suggestions on gifts that involve doing something together, or just doing something (like movie tickets, pottery class, going to the nutcracker ballet, etc.) but some ideas that are not necessarily very expensive. I’m mostly thinking of my girls 14 & 12, and somewhat the 8 yr. old son, but since my youngest 3 are boys, I am going to stick with functional items or joint gifts. I just don’t have room for moe stuff!!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    FYI, ds-8 wants a drum set and says this is the ONLY thing he wants for Christmas, so suggestions on a decent yet not too expensive set would be welcome. Last year we picked a name from the giving tree at church and I had each child pick something for this 12 yr. old boy…..we ended up giving him clothing, a book, candy, a dvd, games, etc. and sports items….we will do this again. They loved it!!!




    I would make a rule that for every new thing they get they need to give away 2 (or more) things to charity.

    But… every ask a relative for a family pass to a museum/zoo things like that?


    Something that my Mom had done for my cousin, who had way too much stuff, was give him some scrapbooking supplies, a scrapbook, and photos of him. He loved the fact that he got to create his own book of his life, and it kept him busy without video games, tv, or the like!

    Along the theme of crafts, I gave some friends’ daughters craft supplies, like foam sheets, etc. for them to make things. One of the little girls in turn used some foam sheets to make me a lovely picture frame with her school picture in it to be used as a magnet on my fridge – a gift that came back to me!

    How about if each of your kiddos not only gives a present or two (i.e., ,their own toys) away to charity, but if each child “shops” from his/her own stash for a gift for a sibling – that way items are being recycled, and the kids learn the value of generosity!

    HTH – we are in a similar spot, so I will be interested to see what other Moms have to say!


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