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    I am feeling very discouraged for my little son. He is being ostracized at school. Most kids do not play with him and he is not being invited to birthday parties. This may seem trivial to some but to my little boy it is devastating. Does anyone know of a specific prayer for a child being left out at school?



    I’m so sorry for your son. My heart breaks when I hear about things like that. Pray to St. Raphael (you can find a novena online). He is the patron saint of happy meetings. I met my husband after saying a novena to him, but he is not just for finding future spouses. I’m sure he would help your son find a friend!
    Do you know why your son is being left out? Sometimes kids are just mean for no reason, but maybe there’s something you can do to help him if you know why he’s being ostrasized. Good luck! I’ll say a prayer for him as well!



    I am so sorry for the both of you to have to experience this. I myself had a very rough group of girls that made things very hard growing up. There is a great book series called ” All things guy.” It is actually one of the first in the series called all things girl. The wesite is It stems from the all things girl program but you can find the all things guy in the books section. Basicly it is a book to help teach your son to always remember that he is royalty. That he is the son of the King of Kings. It also has pratical advice to teach young kids how to make ” good virtuous” friends, and build confidence needed. I will say a prayer for your son, and hope that this information may be practical and spirtually helpfull.



    Does you son go to a Catholic school or a public school? I know my son was having problems at school. We prayed to St. Raphael with rosary necklaces and also talked with his counselor and teachers. He’s doing much better now thanks to the prayers.



    It’s not really a good experience that your son have, a child experience must be wonderful to cherish and be remembered but if this kind of experiences happen this would give effect when he grow up.

    I can’t suggest any prayers but one thing I could suggest is your full support and care to let your son won’t feel that he is left alone. There are boot camps that could twist some experiences like some kids do. On boot camps physically and mentally they will be helped.

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