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    Anyone know of any links to treatments for gynecological problems that in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church?

    Specifically, I am looking for treatment of fibroids, endometriosis, and ovarian cysts. Having issues and being tested for these things.

    Looking to avoid use of abortifacent hormones and/or removal of reproductive organs. If it’s an absolute last resort – when if ever) is organ removal acceptable in the eyes of the Church?

    Guess I’ve been reading too much on the internet, and it’s making me nervous that an unacceptable procedure may be pushed on me. I want to be informed before it comes to that.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.



    Sorry you’re needing to seek medical advice but I am SO glad to read your approach! I can promise you that the below links are “Roman Catholic approved”. If you read their mission statement I’m sure you will feel much more at ease:
    The Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction is a multi-faceted organization which dedicates its programs of research, education, ethics, and service to building strong marriages and healthy families. As the Institute pursues the development of a morally and professionally acceptable reproductive health service, it is committed to the development of a culture of life based on responsible parenthood, responsible fertility regulation, and ethical means for the treatment of infertility and related reproductive disorders. Taking its direction from the wisdom of the Roman Catholic tradition, the Pope Paul VI Institute has been built on the rock of faith, continues to take its strength from that faith, and looks forward to serving God’s people into the third millennium by the light of that faith.

    Here are some of the services offered:
    One of the most successful infertility programs in the United States
    Prematurity Prevention Program
    Evaluation and treatment programs for premenstrual syndrome, abnormal uterine bleeding, ovarian cysts, and repeated miscarriages
    Bone Density Screening Program
    National Hormone Laboratory
    Reproductive Ultrasound Center
    NaProPsychology (clinical psychology with principles of NaProTECHNOLOGY)

    Napro Technologies is a part of the John Paul VI Institute and I am sure they can help you find a local specialist that will at least be understanding of our personal beliefs. Before I was Catholic I too had ovarian cysts and was of course put on BC pills to “dissolve” them. Although the method worked, knowing what I now know and being Catholic, I would have NEVER taken them so I understand where you are coming from.

    BTW, the Catholic Church does not condemn hysterectomies in the case of absolute medical necessity, ie. cancer, hemmoraging after child birth, etc. Also, just in case you cannot find a “catholic approved ” approach or doctor, you still have options. Abstinence…(yikes)! If you did have to take BC pills for some reason then you would have to abstain from sex until treament was over…but let’s pray the doctors can find a better way! I hope this info helps! May peace be with you, Gina



    Thank you so much! I knew I had read something about this here a while back, but couldn’t find it when I now needed it!

    Don’t worry – I already slipped into the last appointment “I’m Catholic and there are certain things I won’t agree to – like taking birth control pills.” I also would never agree to having anything taken out unless it were life threatening. I doubt if it is, however.

    My doctors’ group – although not Catholic – is very understanding of the way I feel about things (in general.) However, this was a new Doctor who may need to be “broken in” to understand what I believe. He must have asked me three times – “You mean you’re not taking ANY birth control?” I told him – “No – I just chart things really well.”

    Thanks, again. Just wanted to have my information lined up!



    I’m glad your doctor’s office is understanding, that’s so important. My last OBGYN after learning that I do NFP said, “Good luck with that!” in the most sarcastic way possible. After having my 4th miscarriage she told me to wait a few months before trying to get pregnant again and since I wouldnt know where I was in my cycle for weeks and weeks after she recommended me going on BC. I reminded her that I only do NFP and will jsut have to abstain until I was able to chart again and she said, “Well if the Church says you can’t…” once again in the most sarcastic way. I NEVER made another appointment with that doctor.

    My new doctor, while not Catholic, is very much a Christian and calls my previous losses babies instead of tissue and she actually gave her condolences after reading my chart. She has the 10 Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer framed in her exams rooms! She completely respects my beliefs as a Catholic. BTW, my previous OBGYN advised against getting pregnant right away and we did abstain, oh, for a couple of weeks but the first time we made love after our 4th loss we conceived and I am now in my 2nd trimester and the baby is doing great 😆 !!



    You could try to go on the Doug Kaufman diet which cuts out sugar etc… My sister went on this diet and a cyst that was supposed to have to be removed by surgery went away on it’s own. She also took some antifungals along with doing the diet. You can probably get information at a health food store.

    I myself have take Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg once a day. I found it to be a natural approach to help with fibroids. I too went to the OBGYN because I was having extremely heavy bleeding at times. I did not like anything they suggested. They gave me 3 options: Go on the pill, do a procedure where they burn something and you never have a period again 😯 or get a d and c! I told the doctor that I didn’t like any of his suggestions. So I did a search on the internet and found that Flaxseed Oil might help me. I take one capsule a day and more when I have my period if it is heavy. Things seem to be a lot better for me. I would look into natural remedies before consulting an OBGYN again!

    God bless and help you!


    The only thing I’d suggest is speaking with your NFP instructors. They typically work alongside NFP doctors and would be able to ask the doctors for you.



    Michelle, as someone who went through lots of gynocological testing and as someone who has researched the Church’s position on organ removal/receipt, let me fill you in a bit.

    First, remember God loves you and knows what you are going through. Let that give you some comfort and peace. God just wants what is best for you. That includes wanting you to be tested to determine what is wrong and the best course of action. If that includes the removal of tissue and organs, then that is okay. Removing an organ is no different than having a cancerous mole removed. Perhaps this is part of God’s master plan.

    My husband & I tried and tried to get pregnant. After testing and lots of tears, we decided to adopt. We worked through an agency and eventually received the call that we had a daughter. Of course, we were thrilled. It turned out that the birth parents first names were the same as the couple we had asked to be godparents. And, after having our daughter home for two days, found out that there was a medical problem. After our sweet baby endured surgery, infection, etc., she is now a beautiful 15-year-old. Her doctor told us that she was lucky to have been adopted by people who would seek the proper medical advice. With her birth parents, her condition would probably have been too advanced by the time it was caught and she would have died. We sincerely believe that God gave this child to us for a purpose. We don’t know what that ultimate purpose will be, but she is a blessing from God.
    As a teenager, she can also sometimes be that cross that we bear, but it is still ours to bear.

    Now let me tell you about our son. We met his birth mother, who we really liked, but the birth father was another story. He was in prison and wanting to cause all kinds of problems. In fact, our attorney had advised us to “walk away from this one.” But something told us to stick in there. Then, when the baby was born, he had immediate medical problems with his breathing. We rushed to the hospital and were told that, if he survived, he would be there for about 3 weeks. The adoption agency kept asking if we wanted to continue with this adoption. We told them that after all we had been through with our daughter, we were committed to anything that God gave us. The baby looked terrible and his breathing was distressed. But, by the miracle of God, we were taking him home a week later. Today he is 13 and a sweet, loving young man. Again, he was God’s gift to us.

    So, our infertility was actually a blessing from God. Please pursue all reasonable medical avenues, including the removal of reproductive tissue and organs.

    And just a further note on organs. The Church encourages its members to be organ and tissue donors. Donating blood, tissue and/or organs is the gift of life, which ultimately comes from God. I have a very good Catholic friend who needed a bone marrow transplant. Thanks be to God that her brother was a great match. They harvested the marrow from him and transplanted it into my friend, who is a beautiful mother of 6. Another blessing from God.

    I, myself, have received many pints of blood from caring donors. I have also undergone two kidney transplants. Before both transplants I received the Sacrament of the Annointing of the Sick. Receiving those organs was life-giving. While today I must do dialysis since the kidneys failed, I still give thanks to God for what I have.

    All of this was discussed very thoroughly with several priests. In fact, most of this occurred in Catholic hospitals. So, be at peace. Get the treatments you need to make you better. God loves you and has a plan for you. Just keep praying.



    Thank you all.

    Found out it’s most likely PCOS. Very early & “mild,” although it doesn’t feel all that mild. The cysts are all still pretty small. I refused BC and an ablation to treat some of my symptoms, and have taken it upon myself to start a plan of diet & exercise instead. Apparently, fat cells cause the hormone levels to all get worse. Gotta lose my “baby weight.” 😀 I have someone helping me with a training plan at the local gym. They’re awesome there.

    I’m fortunate that nothing needs to be “taken out.” Also had an endometrial biopsy that I haven’t heard about yet (I’m assuming no news yet is good news – means they’re mailing me the “you’re OK” note. When you get an odd test result, they always call instead @ this Dr.)

    Thanks for all the advice.



    Prayers answered! Kudos to you for sticking to your guns, a true example of living out your faith. Getting healthier is always a good thing, so glad to read you’re staying positive!

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