Catholic school edu.-does it still hold the same value?

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    Hi everyone,
    I am new to this site and so far i love it! Exactly what i need in today’s world…catholic mothers supporting each other.
    Anyway, i have 2 children and 3rd on the way.I wanted to get some feedback on what everyone thought about a catholic school education. I went to a catholic school and college,but my husband doesn’t think its necessary to spend ‘all that money’ ,as he puts it, on tuition for no good reason.He went to a public school.And i see the difference in him and me every day of our lives! And i don’t like it. I have been so worried about this, I feel like i am doing my kids some kind of disservice by not sending them to a catholic school and i feel guilty about it every minute of the day!I just wanted to know if there were other moms out there that thought a catholic school education is worth the money or am i just being paranoid?!?


    First, I did not go to Catholic school, but I did go to a Catholic college. (My parents were public school teachers). My husband did go to a Catholic grammar school and a Catholic high school, but did not go to a Catholic college. My children go to public school in a very Catholic neighborhood. (Which means over 50 percent of their classmates in the public school are Catholic). Bottom line: I am not a Catholic school for the sake of Catholic school person. I think it depends on the quality of the schools involved and the needs of your kids. My kids go to religious ed on Sundays and I am a volunteer Catechist. My husband volunteers as a lector at mass. My parish is huge, but it does not have its own school as I live in a neighborhood with a strong public school system and high property taxes. The Catholic grammar school available to us is very small and there would (in my opinion) be significant academic trade offs if I sent my kids there. As our Director of Religious Ed. is fond of saying, the most important Catechism is learned in the home.

    As my eldest son gets ready to choose a college, I admit that I would be thrilled if he chose a Catholic college. I think the sense of community that he would find would be comforting to him as he goes off into the wide, wide world (or is it, that it would be comforting to me?) I won’t require it though. He has to choose that for himself.



    My son is not going to a catholic school but on a christian school (See information about some well known schools). And so far so good, the values and knowledge he is learning is worth the money we are paying the school. They are teaching him discipline and respect towards other people specially to us parents. I saw his transition from being rebellious to being a responsible and respectful young man. We are very proud of him.


    My kids go to Catholic school and we love it! My husband and I both attended public school so we love all that a Catholic school has to offer our kids. First of all, they start each day with a scripture reading and prayer. They pray several times throughout the day, and everything they learn is connected to God. Not to mention they attend Mass once a week, and once a month have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We are pregnant with our 5th child so the thought of tuition for 5 kids is daunting. But somehow God has provided this far. We pray about it and feel that if it is where our kids should be, God will make a way. If not, then we are open to public school or possibly even homeschooling.

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