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    😥 I live in a small town in ARkansas. We do have one catholic church that is only open for mass. Confession is at 830 and mass at 900. I have health problems and so I cannot drive to the church of my choice.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beautiful churches and music. It soothes my soul.

    I do not even have one catholic friend and have been hunted down like a dog with people trying to get me to come to their church–just to visit. The same folks that lie, cheat, and steal. I don’t want to worship with people like that. Now, mind you, there are also some AWESOME and wonderful christians that attend baptist churches.

    I am letting my daughter down by not teaching her and I am in a spriritual crisis right now that is causing serious depression.

    I need anything free. Prayers. Books. Study books, Websites. Holy Water.

    I live in Sheridan if anyone is in this area.

    People have actually said that we are devil worshippers, we don’t believe in christ, we are idolaters, and we are going to hell!!!!! Please help me.



    Dear Baptistbelt,
    I can fully understand your plight. I live in Northern Alabama in a baptist belt area as well, but we have 4 Catholic churches in the area although they are spread in various locations, you can get to one in 45 minutes.

    First of all, the United States is a Free Country, a Country where you can practice your faith. No one, NO ONE can “force” their religion on you!
    If they are at your door, you don’t need to reply to their religious questions, just say “no thank you” Have a good day. And close the door!
    You were polite to them and that’s all you need to do.

    Second, your Pastor should know of your condition. No doubt there should be someone in the parish that could come and transport you back and forth to Church. After all, this is called “Act of Mercy”. Please notify the Pastor’s office, letting them know of your condition. There also maybe Eucharistic Ministers in your Parish that go to ill parishioners homes, or parishioners who are homebound. Get your name on the list. Also for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, your Pastor or Associate Pastor can make an appointment with you for them to come to your home and receive the
    Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Communion.

    Don’t be shy about this! This is part of a priest’s duty is to look after his
    flock. Look at Jesus, he left the flock and looked for one sheep that was far from the flock.

    Your pastor also could help you out regarding religious education for your daughter. Religious Education is taught at the parish hall. Call the office and see when religion school commences, it usally happens when public schools begin in the fall. Enroll your daughter, there maybe someone at the parish with children her age that can give her a ride to and fro from religion school.
    Don’t hesitate in calling YOUR CATHOLIC CHURCH. They are there to help you out.
    Pray your Rosary, Our Blessed Mother will guide you to gain courage
    and peace in your heart. If it has been awhile since you prayed your Rosary, take it in small steps in the beginning, then build up to saying the whole Rosary. Free religious booklets should be available to you through your parish.
    My prayers are for you and your daughter. Be strong, place your cares in the hands of Our Blessed Mother.
    Write to me, let me know how you are doing. But most of all contact your Parish/Pastor. You’ll be glad you did.



    :) Thank you. All good ideas and a lot of services that I did not know existed.

    Will do. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Bless you.

    I just miss my catholic friends, my old church, my priest, and the ceremony. It just makes me feel so peaceful.





    My thoughts and prayers are with you! Just wanted to give you a big online hug.

    Let us know how it goes, OK?




    I am new here as of today.
    My heart ached for you, and I will pray for you also
    God Bless you



    Thanks everyone. Things are actually getting better.




    Just remember that those people who give you a hard time are simply IGNORANT about our faith. Remember that the CAtholic Church is the 1st of all the Christian churches– set up by Jesus Himself. And also remember, everything in the Bible was chosen to be there by CATHOLICS. Funny how the Protestants never realize this, but it is undeniable fact.
    Also, I’d suggest trying not to discuss religion with these people because they are too uninformed.

    Your friend in Christ,



    Crys is absolutely right!

    And, there are so many Protestants who think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is wrong. :roll:



    @CelticSpirit wrote:

    Crys is absolutely right!

    And, there are so many Protestants who think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is wrong. :roll:

    I’m new to the faith. I practiced my Christian faith for over 12 years before finally coming home to the Catholic Church. A story in itself. I’m glad I’m home!

    I can’t speak for Southern Baptists across the board. I can tell you that I was taught, from the pulpit, even, that Catholics are going to hell because they “don’t confess Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord” ( meaning one time for all time).

    Misinformation abounds because what is taught are mistruths from Jack Chick. All the popular myths I’ve read and heard about are very similar to these tracts. He does have a web site, with a link for Roman Catholic tracts. If you decide to investigate, be warned, they are NOT Christ-like. They are full of misinformation, from, of all things ( get this) a former Catholic. In my opinion, from my experience, the former Catholics are some of the most vicious anti-Catholics I’ve met. They go from having the fullness of the truth to telling some of the most blatant outright lies.

    If you wish to bone up on your apologetics, I suggest Karl Keating’s Catholicism vs. Fundamentalism. David Currie also has a wonderful book. I want to say that it’s called Born Evangelical, Born Again Catholic. Maybe it’s Born Fundamentalilst, Born Again Catholic. The Keating book is very academic and at times rather arrogant, but good in its own right for its information. The Currie book is more relational in style and much less arrogant.

    My husband subscribes by email to a free newsletter called “Apologetics for the Masses”. It gives great tips on how to deal with people like those you mentioned. It’s a free resource that you might wish to consider from the Internet.

    As I remember my former ways as a Baptist, it’s hard for me to stomach that I was the arrogant know-it-all I was. It’s still something else for me to see all the lies I believed, and how little actual truth about the Church I learned. I learned lots of Bible verses, but little real truth about my neighbor, the Catholic. In the end, learning about Catholicism led me to it. Cardinal Newman once said something like, “If you steep yourself in Church history, you will cease to be a Protestant.” This is absolutely true.

    God bless you and do not be discouraged. Stay informed, stay strong and stay prayer-conditioned! You have what the Prots don’t: the celestial prayer chain, which is the prayers of the righteous saints in heaven who are already perfected. Stand united with them in prayer!

    Pax tecum!




    Thank you for your post! And, welcome to Catholicism!

    I was a member of a Christian support board for infertility/pregnancy loss/child loss for quite a long time. I met a lot of great women on there. I was also greeted with much “silence” at times because of my username and my signature (which is basically the same as here). I think that there are a lot of Protestants who think that we’re not truly Christian and NOTHING could be farther than the truth.

    I stopped posting at that board because I was so tired of how I was being shunned.

    And, I totally agree with you that former Catholics are the worst anti-Catholics out there. I can’t tell you the things that I’ve heard from the former Catholics about our faith. 😯



    I just have to add a little from my experience. I’ve found former Catholics saying some awful things but I’ve never (well except for one) found them to be conscienciously(spelling!) stating lies. They were told error or they mis-understood what was being taught. They had minimal instruction, only early grade school or less (or an ignorant parent or grandparent!) and they completely missed the truth, or they as very young children were made to participate in devotions (for example Marian processions) with no understanding that we aren’t WORSHIPING her, that we honor Mary because she most perfectly points to her Son, that it’s even scriptural (“all nations will call me blessed”) I have found them VERY unwilling to hear that they are wrong, but so am I, frequently. If they don’t want to hear your side- it’s a free country for them too. I just leave the topic alone and pray for them. If they are in a relationship with Jesus, He can get to them, and anyway He loves them and died for them too.




    Excellent point, Nan.


    I will also pray for you…having been partially raised as an Italian-Irish Yankee Catholic, then moving to the Bible Belt in grade school, my family endured much ridicule and prejudice (my Dad could not even get teaching jobs – the districts would find out he was Catholic, and before this, he was a nationally-ranked high school football coach and award-winning teacher)!.

    My dear friend and my sister-in-law both have recently joined the Baptist church, so in an effort to learn about the church, its conception, etc., I attempted some dialogue online with Baptists. I was treated warmly by a couple, though the other dozen or so treated me not-so-nicely. Evidently, I am NOT a Christian since I am Catholic, I worship Mary and idols, I will never be saved, and my church never reads the Bible (hello, we read the Bible every 3 years!), etc.

    From this very negative experience (which left me sleepless for many nights), I am finding it difficult to even try to talk with my dear friend, my oldest friend in life. I have noticed changes in her in the past few years since her joining the Baptist church, and now I wonder if she also judges me and has been given false information about my faith.

    Ugh! I will say that throughout the experience speaking with the Baptists, I tried to conduct myself in a Christian way, with love and charity, so that if nothing else, I could leave them with a positive experience with a Catholic, heathen that I am, lol!

    I pray for your situation and hope that you are able to find peace, that we all may find it!



    Having come from a Baptist background, I can truly understand what they’re doing, believe it or not. One of the beautiful things about many protestants is their firey desire for evangelism. I wish I saw that more in the catholic faith. And, you are their primary target because Baptists are taught untruths about the catholic faith: that we worship Mary, that we worship Saints, etc. They just don’t understand.

    My advice would be to hop over to the library for religious books. They’re free and plentiful. Cathlicism for Dummies and Why do Cathlics do That are great resources to use when talking to protestants who don’t truly understand the church.

    Think of this as an opportunity to renew your faith and show others the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church. Maybe you’ll even show a few the way to mass, just to “visit.” 😉

    Good luck and God bless,



    If any Protestant were to say “all Catholics are going to Hell because they don’t acknowledge Jesus as their personal savior,” I guess we could say, “Jesus IS my personal savior!” That would shut’em up.. I had a Baptist tell me that I was not even a Christian recently that we were not based in the Bible; I told her Catholics wrote the Bible! She was shocked.

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