Anyone ever use prepaid wireless phones?

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    I got rid of my cell phone a few years ago because it really was just a waste of money for me. DH was the only one who needed to reach me, and we always told one another where we’d be anyways.

    Well, situation has changed and I’d like to be “reachable” this summer (mostly to to my brother’s pending transplant.) I don’t want to be at a playground with DH in a meeting out of the office, and not have anyone able to get to me. Also, I’ve been doing some out of town trips here and there, and it makes me nervous being on the road without a phone.

    I noticed an ad in our newspaper for a prepaid wireless phone, and was wondering if anyone had any experience with such companies? I’ve done some reading on some of their websites, but I’d like some “real person” comments on the pro’s and con’s. I understand you have to buy additional minutes every few months or so to keep the phone active…I figured I could buy the smallest possible amount of minutes, and it’d be no big deal.

    I’m thinking of this option, because I know from past experience that I just won’t use it that often. I more or less want it for A) People to be able to reach me in emergencies and B) To be able to call out in an emergency.

    Any comments on these plans?




    I used one of these for a few years, in Canada, but I don’t think there is really any difference.

    As long as you have minutes on your phone, it works just great, just like any other cell phone. Running out of minutes was my biggest problem – you can call the company to add minutes with a credit card, but since I didn’t have a credit card, I would have to go to the nearest convenience store to buy a prepaid minutes card and then add it to my phone.

    Minutes do expire – how long they last depends on which company you use, so that is something you should check into when you research companies.

    All in all, if you are able to keep track of your minutes balance and expiry date, a prepaid cellphone works just fine and it was a lot cheaper for me than signing up on a month-to-month plan.

    Hope this helps,



    Thanks, Freda, it does help!

    I was looking at Tracfone. We are pretty close to Canada, so I wouldn’t doubt if many of the companies are the same here (upstate NY).


    Good Afternoon!

    I use a prepaid cell phone. We use VirginMobile. I am not sure if it is available for you, but we really like it. The minutes don’t expire they carry over. We have ours set up on the internet to automatically purchase minutes (charge to credit card) when the time for purchasing minutes expires. We are supposed to purchase more minutes every 3 months or if we run out before. We have really not had any problems with it. We purchased our phone at Wal-mart. The web-site is…

    Let me know if you have any more questions!!



    I have a Virgin Mobile phone. My mom gave it to me because I had been having car trouble. I don’t use it, only for emergencies.

    It works great! You have to put at least 20 dollars on it every 3 months to keep it active you can put more or less! And if you don’t use it all it rolls over.



    I haven’t been on this forum for awhile, so hello again 😀
    I use tracphone and bought a year card so I don’t have to worry about minutes every 30-60 days. I also got double minutes and am still on the card I got in may even with roaming. I hardly use it, but I do like to have it to be available to my grown children, parents, DH and smaller children.


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