Any attachment parents/gentle discipline parents here?

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    Hi! I practice attachment parenting and gentle discipline (co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, no spanking, baby wearing, etc.) and wondering if there is anyone else here who is Catholic, and also practices these things?

    I just see Mary and Jesus being such gentle people. I see Mary trying to meet all emotional needs and Jesus being gentle. I can not see either not meeting childrens needs or hitting children.

    I am a mom of a high needs 3 year old girl and a 11 month old boy. I am married 4.5 years. I am an RN but am currently taking a break from working to stay home with my kids. I hope to meet others here, soon!



    You may be interested in the book Parenting with Grace; Catholic Parent’s Guide to Raising almost Perfect Kids by Gregory & Lisa Popcak. They use attachment parenting to an extreme that not everyone would feel comfortable with. Regardless of your attachment parenting views the book is a great guide for Catholic parents.

    I do agree that gentleness is the Holy Family’s way. My sister gave me the following simple yet wonderful prayer:

    Dear Blessed Mother,
    Please help me to make my home like the one in Nazareth.
    Give me a gentle spirit,
    a cheerful heart
    and constant patience
    for these souls that have been entrusted to my care.
    Through Christ Our Lord,

    (I am afraid I do not know who or where to give credit, I will try to find out.)



    Thank you!!!



    Hi! I’m a fledgling here, but am the mother to 6, trying to live by those codes as well.

    Regarding co-ed sleeping: Child #1~ Didn’t know I “was allowed” to sleep with my baby. It was a crib era (’90’s). Half asleep most of the day since I was up half the night rocking my baby to sleep.

    Child #2~ Tried the same pattern, but out of desperation so many months down the road, I brought my baby to bed with me in my arms. Low and behold, I actually got some sleep after many years of fatigue! (My 2 oldest are only 18mos apart.) Wished I tried it before.

    Child #3~ Thought I’d give it another go. Turned out this girl liked her crib!

    Child #4 thru #6~ Finally able to successfully co-sleep! I’ve never been more rested, and my better half is equally happy! And it’s amazing how our senses kick in while sleeping with baby! We’ve never had a problem with not being aware of our baby while sleeping. I’m so thankful! :)


    Hi, I practice AP. Although I didn’t really know that it was called that until about 2 years ago. My boys are 6 and 3 and I wore them, BF until they were about 2 years old, we let them co-sleep, and we homeschool. I just did this stuff naturally and then I found out there was a name for this style of parenting!
    I also like the gentle christian mothers website for ideas on gentle parenting and ap-style parenting.

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