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    I saw this and found it quite informative. I recommend it. Even my 15 yr. old thought it was interesting. For those of you who don’t know what it is about, it is Al Gore’s movie (documentary) on global warming. The visuals got the point across and it was an interesting insight into Al Gore as a fellow human being.




    I second this movie. It was pretty intense.



    I agree , it was a very intense movie. BUT, do keep in mind that EVERYONE has an agenda these days and that there is the same amount of scientists with just as high of credentials that are disputing Gore’s findings (but Im sure they have an agenda as well!) All the same, Im still trying to conserve energy, I just recycling wasnt so expensive in my area! Gina N.



    I agree everyone has an agenda, BUT, no one makes money off my conservation.

    I buy local, I save money on electricity and water, use as little gas as possible and leave the smallest footprint I can.

    Better safe than sorry I say.

    And you don’t have to buy anything to conserve.

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