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    So I was out with the kids today. Also along was my cousin and her younger siblings. We we’re walking around a richy-rich mall (the offer free stuff for kids to do) anyways…we came across this family. They probably thought I was staring because of their differences which I was staring because of their uniqueness. They had at least seven kids. The oldest was a boy maybe thirteen then the youngest was just a baby. Anyways these kids we’re amazing. They didn’t run or scream or do anything that all the other children we’re doing. They had something all of the rest of us there didn’t have. They we’re all dressed alike. The boys to match the father and the girls to match the mother. It was just too sweet. They we’re dressed modest also. As we we’re walking past the mother wanted to go into a store…the father pulled them ALL off to the side and let the mother do her thing in the store. I wanted to walk up so bad and be like thank you…thank you for being here.



    aww, that’s just so sweet…!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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