Allow child to attend Child Lures Safety Program in School?

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    Hello everyone, I am new at posting here…

    Our 7 year old daughter is in a Catholic school and is in 2nd grade. I just got a paper sent home about a program called “Child Lures” that they will be doing during their P.E. class for a week or two. It is a “safety” program about stranger danger things, but it does touch on information about inappropriate sexual touching in the”bathing suit area”. I did allow my daughter to attend this last year in first grade, but I fear they may get more detailed or explicit as she gets older. 😕 The teacher does say that she is very conservative in what she says to them as not to scare them of all strangers or give them more info than they need at this age.

    My question to you is, have you heard of Child Lures? The website is:

    If you have heard of it, what do you think? I am wondering if I should opt out. I know there is a “latency” period in children and I don’t want to expose her to anything that will compromise her innocence. We do talk to her at home about safety around strangers and not being touched in certain areas. Based on the material I was reviewing online, next year they talk about it in terms of “real love -vs- fake love”…etc.. Heck..we have barely told her how a baby comes into the world because she has not asked yet!

    Am I being a nut ball and over analyzing this being too protective? If you had your children in a Catholic School that was running one of these programs, would you allow them (even the little ones) to take part in this program? It runs 2 times a week for 2 or 3 weeks for 45 min. at gym time.

    And if I don’t…what would I tell her as to why she is the only one in her class not participating? I started to
    tell her and she is concerned about being the only one not taking part in the class 🙁

    Any thoughts? I would appreciate them!



    check out this cor safety manuals

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