AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Homeschool resumes after break!!!

Welcome Catholic Moms! Forums Raising Great Kids! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Homeschool resumes after break!!!

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    👿 😯 👿 😯 👿 😯 👿 😯

    Any other mothers feel like they’re going batty trying to get back into the schooling routine? We’re a mess over here. I would swear my eldest did some kind of a core dump over Christmas. I know I’m overreacting but it just seems like he has forgotten nearly EVERYTHING we covered. I had him, very nearly, finished with first grade–now, I feel like we’ve slipped.

    I’m horrible. I feel like the drill sargeant from Full Metal Jacket sometimes. It is just so scary for me, as a homeschool parent. Honestly, the decision was not popular with the family at large and I feel intensely scrutinized for “results”. Beyond that, I know it is a bleak existence out there in this world in this “information age” for those who don’t have adequate knowledge.

    I know I’m borrowing troubles; I’m a worrier. It is what I do. We have many years yet before DS needs to worry about college, et al, but good grief, I’m so scared of my boys having to go out and compete. I think I worry more for a boy on that point than I would for a girl. I just want so badly for them to go out into the world confident and able to achieve–mainly so that they can provide for/have a good home, wife, children, etc.

    I think I’m hyperventilating. 😯 😯 😯

    How do I get over this??

    I’m hoping the parochial school that will be built along with the new church for the parish we are attending (hope to become a member and Catholic someday soon) will be built SOON. I think I’m a horrible homeschooler. I’m way to neurotic. I just don’t trust any of the schools nearby to do a good job. The track record is NOT good especially for the public schools (even the charters) around here.




    Your posting made me laugh 😆
    I am not a homeschool mom, but I hope to be in about 5 years. My Mom homeschooled all 5 of us kids and I know she felt the same way as you do right now. She is trying to finish up my brothers grade 12 this year and then she is done.
    Remember to breath, mom did all the time. When we got obstanant(SP?) she would say calmly, “OK, lets take a break and do some mapskills.” that was always our fav.
    Getting started after Christmas, Easter, or just any holiday was always hecktic. We were so use to just doing nothing and playing all the time we figured that if we just for got everything Mom wouldn’t make us do it. WE WERE WRONG!!!!! we still had to do it and she would tell us in the morning after prayers, “Well Emma, according to your lesson plan you are 5 days behind now. All that work has to be done before summer holidays.”
    If your son is in grade one remember that at this stage of his life he is learning about the whole world around him. His brain is developing a lot right now and all that you worked on before Christmas will all come back to him. I know that some times when my younger brother would have a hard time to get started again, Mom made sure we stuck to a schedual. And she also sarted out with lots of science. My brother loves science.
    Example experiments…
    Where does mold grow best?
    Put 3 cups of coffee areound the house in different locations. Leave them for a week, checking them evert day. record your findings.
    Lego towers
    How many lego blocks can you stack up before they fall over (use all the different sizes) record findings
    Make different modles of bridges out of popsicle sticks. see which design can hold the most weight
    straw arm
    Tape a drinking straw to a desk top or table. How many straws can you attatch before they touch the floor
    Human body
    on a roll of newsprint trace your childs body. Have him colour it with crayons if you live. have him tell you where his dofferent bones and muscles are (ie funny bone and calf muscle)

    these are just a few if you like them and are interested in more fun science ideas let me know and I’ll talk to Mom.
    Ring Ring there the phone……
    Mom just called and she said that she used to tell us that “by the sweat(SP?) of your brow you will eat.” I think it is a quot from St. Paul???? correct me if I am wrong. We never starved and our work got done. She says she can relate to feeling like a sargent major, but to stick to your guns.

    All the best and read a good book or watch your fav. movie tonight when the house is quite. 😀



    Thanks! Feeling sane again, now. Yes, my boy’s favorite is science, too! Thanks for the ideas! We’re big Saturday Science project junkies! I think we’ve survived getting “up and running” again. LOL It is always refreshing to know that other homeschool moms and kids made it through all right 😆

    My eldest had a test today at enrichment (a school program run a couple of days a week so that kids get a feel for what regular school is like/get to be in class with peers/take standardized tests/field trips). I was surprised, they didn’t mention that they would be taking anything. Nevertheless, his reading skills tested above average. *Whew*

    He scared me when he got in the car. He said he had been singled out because he made a mistake on the test. LOL So, I called the enrichment instructor and she said that she actually didn’t test him the same way as the others/separately because he was ahead of them–not because he did anything wrong. He only took the portion of the test she felt he needed testing on and didn’t bother w/ the other because it was obviously too basic for him at this point.

    Again, *Whew*

    I guess, maybe, somehow, we’re doing something right around here 😆

    BIG, HUGE sigh of relief!

    I think it is great that you plan to homeschool. A second generation homeschool mom–how wonderful! I bet your mom is proud! I know I would be! I hope my boys find wives that will home-educate. It is such a rewarding (if frustrating 🙄 at times ) experience for parents AND kids.

    Now, I’m nervous about the new baby this summer and keeping everyone on track while transitioning our (current) youngest to preschool material LOL….always something…isn’t there?


    I spent the Christmas season re-evaluating my homeschooling approach. I realized that I needed to spend more time letting my oldest son learn through play and discovery instead of slaving away at worksheets (he’s only 4). Although he does K5 curriculum, I don’t want to push him into doing busy work all day because that would defeat my purpose in homeschooling him (developing his own ability to think for himself and motivate himself). Anyway, I am not so stressed out anymore trying to keep up with the Joneses, know what I mean?
    He’s typically a compliant child and will do most of what I ask without a fight, but I want him to enjoy learning too. We’ve been making once a week trips to the library and doing more crafts.
    If anybody knows any good activities where we can include my 18 month old too, let me know. He is EXTREMELY active and high energy so won’t sit still long enough for play-dough, etc.

    Mommy to Hunter and Parker



    Hmm…I don’t know about 18 months. That is such a tricky age to entertain LOL. I totally understand.

    My youngest is 3 now and one activity we do together are giant floor puzzles of the alphabet or maps. Mostly alphabet/numbers. We sing an ABC or 123 song and make kind of a race to put it together…if that makes sense?

    Another thing we do is to “fish” for words. I cut out construction paper fish, write a word on it and attach a big paper clip to each. Then I use a cheapy fishing game rod I found at a dollar store for the kids “catch” the fish. I have my oldest make sentences out of what he catches and my youngest just gets a kick out of getting them on the pole.

    Also, I’d check out the Cranium games and http://www.first-school.ws/ (and websites like that). We also have a store near here called Teaching Stuff ..they’re online at http://www.teachingstuff.com/ .

    I plan on getting a giant piece of felt and putting it up on the back of our “school room” (converted the study to a classroom of sorts) door. Then I’m going to get the felt cut outs for felt-boards so that my youngest can make up stories/scenes using the felt and I’ll get the felt anatomy set to help my eldest learn more about the body/biology.

    Hope that helps! I didn’t do much with my son when he was 3-4 other than the usual: reading, games, crafts. When he was about 4.5 I started getting him to sit down and do phonics for 20 minutes or so at a time and then I added some worksheets–but not many. You’re right, before 6 years of age a lot of the learning is through play, etc…not so much “formal”/”sitting at a desk” learning.

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