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    My favorite Christmas tradition as a child was Advent! I regret losing this practice during the first years of our marriage, but now that we have Sophia I eager to renew this.

    Can anyone suggest simple songs, prayers, or storybooks for a toddler?

    I can find plenty of meditation for DH and I, but I would like to find something for her to enjoy and contribute.



    I once saw a website with patterns for figures for doing the Jesse Tree. You could color and cut out the figures, talking about what they mean. I think there are also kid-friendly explanations to go along with them online (I’ll search around for them…)

    We have been doing the Advent wreath this past few years with the children. DD’s Catholic School sent home a little prayer booklet, and we use that as we light the candles.

    I’ll let you know what ever else I find. We love Advent, too!



    Hey, check out the Saints Market Catholic Store link on this website. There are some children’s Advent books on there that you might enjoy! Also, I remember when I was a child, we got purple and pink construction paper and made cut into strips and made rings out of the strips and enterlocked them – we made enough for 1 for every day in Advent and then cut one off each day of Advent. If I remember correctly, a couple of times, we wrapped the chain around the tree. (However, being part German, we often didn’t get the tree until Christmas Eve and decorated it then as per German tradition.)

    Let me know if you come up with any Advent Ideas of your own so I can try them out!

    p.s. I have a 2 yr. old Sofia (spelled differently)! 🙂

    God bless,




    IN addition to a jesse tree we also put a homemade manger under the jesse tree. every day when we do sacrafices, or doing something good, a piece of straw is put in the manger. The goal is to have a soft place for baby Jesus to sleep. The Baby Jesus is a wooden Clothes pin with a smilie face and white felt wraped around it. I also have a decorated box we pass around the table everynight to pick out a practice to do before dinner the next day. That way everyone has a chance to get at least one piece a day. Some are chores, others are hugs, anything you want..even prayers. We keep the jesse tree up during Christmas and decorate it with some other hand made ornaments for Christmas. That way the family can see their sacrifices helping Jesus all through Christmas.



    We actually use our Christmas tree as an advent calendar. Each day of advent I help my toddler and preschooler make a age appropriate Christmas ornament to put on the tree. By Christmas, the tree is fully decorated.

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