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    My husband and I are parents of 5 lovely children ages 20 years to 1 year old. I have always wanted to adopt a child or 2 from China. My husband does not share in my desire but is also not opposed to it either. I am not sure why or how I came across information on a waiting child in China with special needs. He is a little boy 4 years old. He has a medical condition called true hemaphroditism. His DNA says he is boy but he has external parts that are unclear as to his gender and he may have some internal female parts also. My husband is a doctor and also is Chinese so I am pretty sure our family could handle this child if we are called to do so by the Lord. I am not sure what to do. I do not want to harm our other children by taking on a child that may require a lot of our emotional and financial resources. We have 2 teenagers that will be off to college in a couple years. College=’s money. I can not stop thinking about this boy. I pray that our Lord will reveal to me what to do and I pray that if we are not for him that the Lord send him a family that will be able to meet all of his needs.
    My question is to ask how I will know what to do? He only has 4 weeks left with this agency and one family that was considering him has already decided against adopting him.



    I find that things that are mean to happen will. In a case like this, where you are not sure if this could potentially cause stress on your own family, I would just leave it in the lords hands. Doors will open if they are suppose to. Maybe this child will be part of your family, or maybe there is a very lovely family that has no children at all that would love to devote all of their time to this very special spirit.
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    Thanks for your reply. We revceived word today that medically this childs condition is far less serious than we thought. I have been wearing out my rosary beads asking for Our Ladys guidance on this one. Asking her to send me a sign that we are indeed for this child. Today her answer was crystal clear. He IS for us. He needs siblings both girls and boys youger and older and we are moving forward.My husband is Chinese and speaks his dialect and is a doctor whose specialty is in his medical area of need.
    Thanks to all for the advice and prayers.


    I think it is awesome that you are doing this. I have prayed for years to be able to adopt and still hope to in the future. We have 2 bio kids but I’ve always felt like it was a calling for me to adopt an older child. I just know it will happen when it is the right time.
    Good luck with everything and we will keep you and your family in our prayers.
    God bless you.



    Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to adopt a child. I used to tell my Mom I wanted 6 kids and to have my last baby @40. She thought I was nuts. But now I am 40 and hopefullty Harrison will be our 6th child. Don’t give up on your desire to adopt. The right kid will come to you as Harrison did for me, when you least expect it. I must say I am scared to death! I hope I can live up to all that is expected of me.
    Thanks for the reply.
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