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    What ideas do you want to try with your own family? ❓

    💡 You can find out more about this book and order it at: http://catholicmoms.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=BKMROL-14&Category_Code=BK



    Quick Question:

    How long does one have to read this book? Will there be a new book every 2 weeks? Every month? Every two months?

    I love to read, but I don’t get enough time to read some days. I think this is a great idea 😀 .

    Thanks for your help, Erica



    Hi Erika,

    I wasn’t actually going to put a time limit on it, just start a new discussion when there was a new book suggested or that people were interested in.

    On the Stay at Home Catholic Moms E- discussion group, several members are in the process of getting this book and reading it.

    I am open to ideas and suggestions…

    Any thoughts?





    I just bought the book! I came across it while shopping for my son’s First Communion gift. It looks good. I don’t really have any thoughts either way on a time limit. I just wanted to know if I had one :D! I will probably need a little time to read it as I am half way through another book. Like I said, I love to read so I am always up for new suggestions.




    😀 🙂 I finally finished!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed it. It is very easy to read ( finding the time to read it was the problem ). Holly Pierlot did a great job telling the reader how she got to the point of giving up on homeschooling and being ready to send her children to school. I loved the Five P’s. I am definitly going to come up with my own Mother’s Rule. I really feel this is what I have needed! 😀 Erica



    This is my first post, but I’ll find the right place for introductions later…

    I LOVE this book! I have yet to finish it, but I want to absorb it and not rush through it.

    I have two children (God willing, more will follow) and I find myself rushing through the day without giving serious time in prayer. This book has been an inspiration. I’ve always wanted my prayer to flow freely out of what I do — but it is necessary to schedule prayer time, and so much more! I’ve always enjoyed sponteneity, but with kids scheduling is needed.

    Has anybody written their “rule of life” yet?

    🙂 Lauren




    I agree with you “I’ve always enjoyed sponteneity, but with kids scheduling is needed. ” I have not written my whole Rule yet, but I have made a first draft on my prayer schedule. I felt this was the first thing I needed to start with as I felt my prayer life was suffering. It still needs some work ( I want to add more ). This is my oldest son’s last week of school – with me ( hopefully ) starting homeschooling in the fall so I want to have my whole Rule written by the end of June so we can have the rest of the summer to adjust and change whatever needs it.

    One thing I did not mention before was that Holly Pierlot made me see that I am ” wasting ” so much of my time and money on things because I don’t have a proper focus. My family’s time and money are gifts from God. He has trusted us to use them wisely and I know I have fallen short on this task. Writing my Rule down will help me to stay focused and staying focused will enable me to serve God and my family to my fullest.

    Welcome to CatholicMoms and happy reading! 😀 Erica



    Hi all, this is my first post. I just stumbled across you all out of sheer luck.

    My question is: what is this book about? The synopsis on the referring page is pretty brief. I am wondering based on your posts if it is only about prayer or is there more?

    Thanks in advance,




    Hi Andi,

    It is not just about prayer. She talks about the 5 P’s: Prayer, Person, Partner, Parent and Provider. I am going to quote something that is on the back of the book:

    “…. her Mother’s Rule of Life, a pattern for living that combines the spiritual wisdom of the monastery with the practical wisdom of motherhood…. Holly’s rule is not just another set of schedules; it’s a way for mothers to answer God’s call to holiness. With the help of your own Rule, you can get control of your own household, grow closer to God, come to love your husband more, and raise up good Christian children. In these wise practical pages, Holly shows you how.”

    Hope that helps! 😀 Erica



    It does help! Thank you so much! I will buy it as soon as possible. I always wanted to join an online book club. This looks like a great book to start with!!




    I am about half-way throught this book now and I absolutely LOVE it! I am finding my own life mirroring hers in more than one way. I’ve been to the point she was talking about in the beginning of the book where she pounds her fist on the counter swearing to send the kids to school on Monday! I bought this book to read over the summer so I could avoid those reactions this upcoming schoolyear. Her road back to the Catholic Faith is inspirational, and her suggestions for A Mother’s Rule is genius. It’s one of those things that you end up going duh, why didn’t I think of that?! It seems so simple in hindsight. Anyways, I highly recommend this book and I’m sure I will finish it soon and continue to refer back to it for a long time.



    Has anyone made out the “schedule” for the day? I have but I think I will reread the book since it has been awhile. Tana



    I’m in the process of reading this book. I really like it, it makes a lot of sense to me. I’m taking my time with it, I’m writing down my aswers to the questions. I’m still on prayer. Hopefully I will have my rule written soon.



    I read this book but I don’t think I was in the state of chaos that I needed to be in to push me to this much dischipline…. now I am! I really understand what she means about disorder being no fun at all!!! And I admire her obviously very close walk with the Lord. It certainly inspires me. I think knowing you ladies are working on your Rule of Life too will motivate me.

    I am so glad I found this website.



    I’m getting this book through a friend on CatholicWomenTogether’s yahoogroup. I can’t wait to read it… I’m a bookworm… currently reading 4-5 books at a time now… all faith-related!

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