"When to Teach a Baby"



Hi, I am new to this website, and just love it! I also have a one year old and just yesterday took a trip to Babys R us, to look at books for ideas of what I “should” be doing with my new little toddler.

I love the nighty night idea. We say nighty noght as my little man waves bye bye to some things in the house, but I never thought to use this little rouitine as a an opportunity to teach him names of objects!

I am a teacher and am almost finished with my Masters of Educational Administration K-12. Naturally, I am concerned like you and becaue I love teaching, expeically my own child, am so ambitious to teach my toddler, but worried as an educator I might push too much. I pray to our Lord each day that he wil just continue to bless me with the graces to know exactly how much or how little my on needs from me in terms of teaching things so early. Lord knows I often feel I do not know!

I personally feel as though as long as we are helping our children feel good about themselves and they are loving learning, there does not have to be a limit!

About a month ago, I contacted a good friend of my Moms who homeschooled four boys, all grown and raised now. I asked her, what should I be looking at, any literature – to aid me in homschooling my son some day, or any litrature to convince some of my family members that it is a great thing to do? She replied with suh a profuond response. She said Rachael, by all means it is great you want to homeschool and wonderful you love him so much you are thinking about this already, but honestly, you should be devoting your time and energies to wherever you and your son are at now, at this point in life. Live in the moment, do not be too worried about what you will need to do to prepar to homeschool, as yuo are already by nature yuor childs teacher. If you are the best mom you can be to your son, today in the present moment, then homeschooling will just be natural, pray for Christ to prpare yuor heart nd let him do the rest. Your instincts willl kick in, and he will lead you to whatever it is, and whenever it is you should homeschool your son “in”.

I was homeschooled in 9th grade becaue thre was not a local Catholic High School and loved it. However, some of my in-laws – with good reason because they care, are skeptical. In response to this concern of my Mothers friend said, you jst continue to be the best Mom you can be for your son, continue to let your family see what a great Mom you are, and let their confidence in you grow first, then they will naturally be confident you are making the right decision for him, and will support you!
Just wanted to share:)