tying tubes not for you



Many, many counselors can attest to marriages failing after one of the partners get “fixed.” One counselor that writes for Couple to Couple League says that as soon as a couple comes in, the first question he asks them is to find out which one has been fixed. There is something about the gift of procreation that makes the marriage sacred and last. I have 7 children and my youngest (2mos old) has Down’s and every single one of my kids are gifts from God. Did we go through hard times and struggles, yes!!!! At one point I had 5 children ages 7 on Down, and I’m sure there are many out there who can attest to the same. No one said it was going to be easy. And the thought of getting pregnant again at the age of 42 and having an even higher risk of having a Down’s baby again, scares me to death. I will use NFP, as fertility late in life runs in my family, but I will accept what God has planned for me. Study and read the suggestions people have mentioned, talk to the NFP person, pray like crazy, but don’t do something that you will regret later.