Tooth Fairy



I have 5 children and we did the tooth fairy ritual, every time the boys lost a tooth. I told my boys when they questioned, that the tooth fairy was kinda an angel. We only left a quarter per tooth. These old rituals as kids when we were growing up are kinda nice to keep. But some people always make some things sound worse than it really is as when I was growing up, we believed these. I don’t think that it hurt us.
As for Halloween I don’t let my boys dress-up in creepy things like witches or goblens. They have dressed up as lions, dogs, pumpkins, cowboys, Mr. Peanut, chickens, mickey mouse and so on. But I have told my children we are catholic and shouldn’t dress up in things that represent evil. I know it is Halloween, but lets dress up reasonable…Even I dress up when I hand out treats, and I usually use my husband old cover-alls, and a straw hat & dress up like a farmer.
I hope I don’t offend anyone with my input.
May God bless