Tooth Fairy Caught!



I have a really funny story about the tooth fairy ritual.

I have 4 kids, and when the oldest two started losing teeth, I had three kids and not much sleep ever. One morning, I woke up and realized I, the tooth fairy, was supposed to work her magic during the night, and didn’t. So I crept into the kids’ bedroom, and as I reached under my son’s pillow, he opened his eyes! I just couldn’t lie to those brown eyes, and thus the tooth fairy myth was banished. So now, my third child is losing teeth, and the older ones told him the tooth fairy was me. I forget every time to put something under the pillow, so we just celebrate each tooth loss with a lot of praise and laughter, while we are all awake!! Sometimes we’ll go out for ice cream, or just look at the lost tooth with awe and thank God for putting a new one in it’s place. Also a ritual vow to take care of the permanent new tooth.