Thank you!



Thanks for replying everyone! Karen, the tips you included are especially helpful since I will not let my son cry it out (I’ve read too much of Dr. Sears’ writings for that). I have many friends who have let kids cry it out, so I’m not bashing anyone who does, however.
Lately, I have been doing better, after taking Dr. Sears’ suggestion to co-sleep and nurse whenever he wants. I don’t even keep track of the wakings, but since I’m not getting up, I don’t feel that I’m losing that much sleep. And my son is one happy baby all through the day and night. It’s pretty rare for him to cry, and he’s 9 months old.
In case anyone reads this looking for help, I think _No Cry Sleep Solution_ is pretty good, but in the middle of the night, I have a hard time implementing any sort of “plan,” so I can’t say that I have followed it completely.

Thanks again– what nice moms post on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!