Take heart…



Please, please take the advise of others here and find a Doctor that will at the very least appreciate your Catholic beliefs. I was told I needed a hyst. 10 years ago. I had one son who was 5.5 at the time. We were not going to have more children, first one scared us and my faith was not strong enough to help me through the mess. They said decide now if you even want to try for more children. This was after bc pill treatment and Lupron treatment. The plan that was set before me was IF I could get pregnant again (they said my chances were slim to none) I would have a C-section (again) and hyst. at the same time. Through the Grace of God I did decide to have one more, got pregnant within weeks of going off the Lupron treatment (not months or never as they suggested) went in to discuss the C-section etc. and she told me at that point to “wait and see” that sometimes when you get pregnant it will put the endo. dorment thus getting rid of the pain. I was angry and asked her why she had not told me that before and only presented me with the hyst. option. She said she did not want women to go out and get pregnant just to see if that would “cure” them… like telling a woman “decide now or never” to more children is so much better, huh?

Anyway, In my case it did help stop the pain (although I understand your case is different) and I have learned much and I have 4 children with one more on the way. I have never had to deal with the endo again – of course if I ever have more than two or three cycles between children that might be a different story. :) I am very fertile which she told me I’d never be because of how spread out the endo leisions are.

My main point – I think a Dr. that understood the Catholic faith or at least the idea that there are ppl out there with different views on bc pills etc. might have handled things differently. Especially if I had been more assertive or even knowledgable on the teachings of the Church.

Sorry so long. Your post drew me to sign up just so I could answer… I hope it helps.