Someone I can relate to.



Okay. Yes, I can relate to your situation. Homeschooling is a BIG COMMITTMENT. My question is: What is it in homeschooling that you like?
Most states now have Home School Associations, do you know where to contact this Assoc. in your state? The State Education Dept. should have the contact person/phone number for info. how to get connected. That would help you out enormously!

Second, does your son have playmates? You need to get connected with other mothers with children age ranges close to your son’s. Twice a month make arrangements where you would give your son a few hours playing time with your other mothers children. Then the next month you do the same for her.

Third, MOMSCLUB is a wonderful organization to be in, check it out in your city, town. It is an National and International organization for mothers who are at home with their children. This “club” is designed esp. for you. I was the founder of our Oakville club in St Louis, Mo
we had a wonderful group.
I now live in AL, and there are groups even here. Look on the Web
Best wishes and keep in touch.