Hi! I’m a fledgling here, but am the mother to 6, trying to live by those codes as well.

Regarding co-ed sleeping: Child #1~ Didn’t know I “was allowed” to sleep with my baby. It was a crib era (’90’s). Half asleep most of the day since I was up half the night rocking my baby to sleep.

Child #2~ Tried the same pattern, but out of desperation so many months down the road, I brought my baby to bed with me in my arms. Low and behold, I actually got some sleep after many years of fatigue! (My 2 oldest are only 18mos apart.) Wished I tried it before.

Child #3~ Thought I’d give it another go. Turned out this girl liked her crib!

Child #4 thru #6~ Finally able to successfully co-sleep! I’ve never been more rested, and my better half is equally happy! And it’s amazing how our senses kick in while sleeping with baby! We’ve never had a problem with not being aware of our baby while sleeping. I’m so thankful! 🙂