Yep…I think it’s crazy that most people think Christmas is about Santa.

I am going to do it the way we had it in Switzerland when I was growing up.


On Dec. 6th, a man dressed up as Santa would come to our house (once) usually the parents just give the sacks…but the guy brings old potato sacks with nuts, oranges, tangerines, and chocolates to the kids. Sometimes the kids share one big bag.

If you want to make it American, like I’m thinking about doing…(They don’t have stockings in Switzerland…but in France they do)
so I’m thinking about just putting the chocolates, nuts, oranges, tangerines in the stockings ON DEC. 6th and that is your SANTA day.
NO TOYS. I’m kind of anti-consumerism, anti-toomanytoys.

Growing up, the days after Dec. 6th where the build up for the Christ Child who will come on Dec. 24th, into his manger, which is always under the Christmas Tree along with the rest of the nativity. (They celebrate Christmas on the Eve.)

I really like this, because that way you can tell your kids:

“Yeah, there’s a Santa, his name is Saint Nicholas…”…tell the story..etc.