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I don’t think what you are feeling is unusual. I think a lot of moms feel how you feel sometimes. I know I have. What helped me was reminding myself that this is my vocation right now– raising my kids, running the house, keeping things in order while my husband is away. And I also have to find my own purpose. Just because I am home with my kids all day doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have my own interests. The kids keep me really busy, and sometimes I get overwhelmed or tired. But if I take even 20 minutes out of my day to do something, or look at something, that interests me then I feel more fulfilled and able to come back to my duties here in our home with a fresh perspective. I love to sew, so I sew quilts and things and sell them online. I also love to paint, so I sell some of my things in an Etsy account. Those things help me to feel like I am helping out financially, and also help me feel fulfilled here at home. I make myself a schedule of what I want to make by a certain date and try to keep to that. It really does help to feel more fulfilled. I’ve also found volunteer work, making clothing and blankets for hospitals. That is also very fulfilling because there is a need for it and it allows me to do some things I like to do.

I hope this has helped!
Take care!