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Advice from a “career” mom.

Enjoy being a stay-at-home mom. It is a precious gift. Having a full time job and two children is one of the hardest and sadest things I know. I am always worried that my children don’t get enough of my time. Unfortunately, being a stay at home mom is not an option for me. I have to provide for my children. The only upside is that I am a teacher and I have the summers and various breaks with my kids. That and their day care is in my school and their Nana watches them two days during the week.

If your friends and family do not respect your decision to be a stay at home, remind them that they are supposed to love and support you. They do not need to understand your choice, they just need to respect. If they care about you, they should be able to do that.

I am also very active and sometimes during the summer when I am at home with the girls, I feel a little stir-crazy. So I make sure to plan activities to do with the kids. Even if it’s as simple as a trip to the park or a long walk around the neighborhood. The kids enjoy it and so do I. I try to plan at least one play date a week. I also highly reccommend looking to see if your church has a group. Having some Catholic friends will help you in your journey.

I also reccommend getting off the birth control. Remember that birth control changes the way your body works and the balance of your hormones. Reading the possible side effects is horrifying. Natural Family Planning is much more effective and safer for your body.

And every Sunday, get dressed up nice, have your husband dress up nice, get that baby boy in something adorable adorable and go to Church. Do your best to follow along and participate with the Mass (I know it can be hard – I have a one year old and a two year old). If your heart is open, it’s amazing how God can speak to you especially during Mass.

I hope this helps.