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Hi Anna.

First of all ((((hugs)))). I miscarried my first baby and know what a heartache it is to loose someone so precious to you. Even though my baby would have been 6 this year, I still feel the pain of the loss and find peace in knowing that Mother Mary is holding my baby in her arms until I can see her again when I get to heaven. Mother Mary is holding yours too right now.

I wouldn’t take it as a sign, just as a trial from God to make us more pure. We can chose to be bitter or we can choose to bless him and thank him for the little life we carried for a short time, knowing that this child is now with him and smiling down on us.

Remember that Mother Mary lost her only son too, and this helps us to identify even more with her. Ask her intercession with the full knowledge that she truly knows what you are going through right now. It may not make it easier right now, but over time it will give comfort.

Peace be with you.