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Dear Jeska,
First of all, I am glad you found us. It is important to have a support system.

I am so sorry for what you are/have gone through. You are not alone. Sexual Addictions are becoming rampant… especially with the availability of anything you want at any time you want on the internet. There is a book that I really recommend that you read, “An Affair of the Mind” – By Laurie Hall. She is an amazing woman who went through what you are describing. The book might help you to get some insight on what you should do.

It’s good that you husband has taken steps to get better. However, he probably needs to also get counseling and be a part of an accountability group. These type of sexual issues/addictions are very difficult to break and he needs the right kind of support system. You also need a support system (as you said). Please be assured it is NOT your fault. You are the victim. Laurie Hall goes into a lot of explanation about these feelings you are having. If you would both seek counseling with a Christian Counselor who is familiar with these type of issues, he/she could probably really help you both to get healthy again. You can’t do it alone. I encourage you to seek counseling even if your dh won’t go.

I’m so sorry that you are feeling so much pain and confusion right now.

God bless you. Please feel free to post back at any time. I will be praying for you. < >

CatholicMoms, moderator