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A few options here…First the power of prayer( of course) for example to St. Monica mother of Saint Augustine who was basicly a pagan untill the relentless prayer from his mother converted him to the Saint he became.

also, I was pushed into faith at a young age and of course it backfired. I feel faith is very personal for each individual and the best way to conversion is example. Allowing your kids to see the joy your faith and the church teaches you. At 11 or even any age it is so hard to grasp the concepts of the Catholic faith, and for a time especially through adolecents a child does not have intellectual capacity to understand faith so we have to show them faith on their level. They have to feel faith, and if they don’t feel it then they won’t want to go. You have to tap into the emotional faith. There is a great book called ” stages of faith.” Also some great books are :

” Raising Catholic Children” -Maryann Kuharski
” Talking to your kids about being Catholic” – Bert Ghezzi
” Keeping your kids Catholic” and ” Fifty ways to Tap the Power of the Sacraments”

all are great books. I believe going to church for your kids shouldn’t be an option. They should know that going is going to happen, but understand that they have an opinion. Ask ” why do you now like church?” if it’s because it’s boring then suggest getting them into more charismatic activities with Faith mixed in Life Teen, Youth conferences which help a child connect emotionally to their faith. Also find out what the child likes to do so that you can really bond with the child on Sunday. Children so much like to be with their parents so find out what they like to do and incorporate it into Sunday. For example go play laser tag after mass as a family let mom get really goofy and silly and connect with your child. The first way to convert a child is to convert your whole self. When they see that mom is really going over and beyond to have a connection with them then they will 1…look forward to Sunday, and 2…when youtalk to them they may even listen.