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I also agree that getting “creative” might help bring the family together for mass… Growing up we used to go out for an ice cream if we “behaved” in church on Sundays (this is when we were little- yet old enough to be bribed ;)… Now that we are all adults with very young children of our own – my now larger family unit (spouses & children)… we are still able to attend mass together from time to time – whether it be one of our baby’s Baptisms or another celebration….
But… life gets busier & busier … even as an adult I find it helps me if we “keep it interesting”… While attending mass on Sunday may seem lack-luster at times — piling all the kids into the car/ packing lunches & taking a trip to Lasalette Shrine for the day can be a family adventure/ mini-vacation!… Sometimes, depending on where you live -there might be a Shrine or large Cathedral that your child might be interested in visiting (you know semi-interested or at least not opposed)– maybe the artwork there – or the joy of being able to pick up a book or dvd in the downstairs giftshop… I’ve been to “retreat” locations that have plenty of space for kids to run around & enjoy the simple goodness of being outdoors – while taking in the Stations of the Cross…
I totally understand where your child is coming from… at eleven a kid really wants to start making their own decisions and pretty much has an opinion on everything :)… But I do think it is possible to share what you have discovered spiritually with you child – just probably in a more roundabout way :)… I know that some churches have a special mass dedicated to “children’s mass” where perhaps there are younger people there?… Alot of times a Catholic school is associated with a parish & so there your child might “fit in” a bit better?… Also, if you do decide to take your family on an outing – maybe you could allow your child to bring a friend?… That way maybe the friend won’t think it’s “so bad” afterall & help influence that it’s “ok” to go to church…
Probably would go the “reward” route instead of “punishment” on this one… Try & see if you can help make church a “safe” & “peaceful” place for your child… that way later on in life there will come a time where going to mass will come from the heart <3
Hope this helps :)… I’ll probably be asking for similar advice in 10yrs when my little guy starts questioning things… for now, a sippy cup, some cheerios, & any toy on wheels gets us through on Sundays :)