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I was brought up in an abusive home and I married to get away from the abuse. Although Catholic now we were protestant then and married in a protestant church. because of anxiety and fear I have closed myself off from the world, am in a loveless marriage and feel so lost and alone. I want to change my life and my situation but I don’t know where to start. I know that I need to make a good confession, but how do I tell a Priest that I have never loved my husband. I know the answer is not an affair, or drugs or suicide, but how do i make my life better while staying in an unhappy home where i’m verbally (never physically) abused. I’m looking for real, honest help and I believe that i can find it here. thank you

i believe if you we’re married out side of the church before becoming catholic your marriage is valid in the church. if one of you would of been catholic already when you got married it wouldn’t of been. you should talk to a priest.